3 Top Methods to Keep Clothes From Wrinkling in Luggage While Traveling

Traveling from one city to another for an important business meeting or your friend’s wedding takes planning and preparation. While your flight, transportation and accommodations are important factors, you’ll want to make sure you look great when you get there. This is going to require you to keep clothes from wrinkling in suitcase compartments that can be tight and narrow. Fortunately, there are some methods you can use to keep clothes from wrinkling in luggage.

Keep Clothes From Wrinkling in Suitcase Compartments by Laying Them Flat

It’s important to plan what you’ll be wearing and narrow down your choices to a specific number if you’re using just one suitcase. One of the best ways to do this by packing important clothing such as business attire first.

If you’ve got business clothing that you want to keep from getting wrinkled such as dress shirts, it’s best to just lay them flat in your suitcase and then pack wrinkle-free articles of clothing on top. If you have a dry cleaning bag that you can keep them in after they’ve been ironed, it will add some protection between them and other clothing.

Pack Without Wrinkles by Using Clothes Containing Wrinkle-Free Material

One of the best ways to avoid having wrinkling problems in the future with your clothes is to use items that you can pack without wrinkles when you’re loading your suitcase.

If you have clothes that don’t form wrinkles due to the synthetic fabric that they’re made from such as lycra, nylon, or polyester, choose those types of wrinkle-resistant clothing to wear first. These types of clothing include fabrics such as cashmere, knits, and wool, which will hold up well and not wrinkle when you’re traveling. The weather and temperature at your final destination should also be considered when you’re making your choice. If you’re going to a warmer destination, polyester or spandex garments will be more lightweight and comfortable to wear. If you’re going to a colder region, you’ll be happy to have warmer fabrics such as knits or cashmere next to your body.

If you aren’t sure about the type of material you’re working with, check the clothing tag that was left by the manufacturer or grab a small amount of the fabric and crush it in your hand for about 10 seconds to see if it wrinkles. If you don’t notice any unsightly lines, you’ve found a great choice to pack without wrinkles.

Keep Clothes From Wrinkling in Luggage by Rolling Them

To keep clothes from wrinkling in luggage after you’ve packed your wrinkle-free clothing, split the rest of the clothing into two separate piles and use a couple of different methods to pack them. The first method is going to include the regular way that you usually fold your clothes. Find all of your structured and heavy clothing and place these garments in your first pile. This will include sweaters, jeans, dress pants, and dress shirts. These clothing items are heavy enough to be folded and won’t wrinkle up like thinner clothing.

For the second pile, you’ll want to find articles of clothing such as cotton t-shirts and similar fabrics that tend to crease easily. Place your shirt on a flat surface such as a bed and fold in both sleeves so they are on top of the body of the shirt. Then start at the bottom of the shirt and start rolling the garment tightly towards the top of the shirt. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles as you roll the fabric towards the neckline. Stack these in your suitcase or place them in a plastic bag that will fit in your luggage.

This method will help keep clothes from wrinkling in suitcase compartments that are tight as it decreases the size and volume of each piece of clothing. You will want to use this method on undergarments and socks as well and place those items in areas where there’s open space that needs to be filled.

How to Remove Wrinkles From Clothing

If you arrive at your destination and find that you have some wrinkled clothing, you have a couple of options that you can use to help get rid of the wrinkles. The first option includes hanging your clothes near a shower.

If you’ve got a shower available, take your wrinkled clothes and hang it nearby. You may want to take a hot shower anyway after traveling, which presents a perfect opportunity to relax and use the steam from the shower to assist in removing any wrinkles that have formed. After showering, place your hand on top of the fabric of each garment and smooth it out. You’ll need to apply some pressure, which will help stretch out and remove any visible wrinkles. Do this repeatedly like you would with an iron and it should help make your clothing look better.

Another option is to immediately remove your clothes from your suitcase and hang them up after you’ve arrived at your destination. By hanging your clothes on arrival, it should help them breathe and remove any wrinkles that have formed while you have been traveling.

Summing It Up

As you can see, to keep clothes from wrinkling in luggage, you will probably need to do some planning and utilize a few different methods, but by taking the time to form a plan of action, it will help reduce the amount of wrinkling that occurs. Another option that can assist you with this is by utilizing a professional Durango dry cleaners company. They can clean your garments by utilizing professional techniques so that you can just lay your important clothing flat in your suitcase and have it ready to wear when you arrive at your destination. Visit Kelly’s Dry Cleaners if you’d like a little help from an expert who does this for a living.