6 Ways to Clean Leather and Suede

6 Ways to Clean Leather and Suede

Like anyone else, you have those jackets that you love wearing when it’s cold out, or those that you don during semi-formal occasions when you want to stand out. You could also have those that you wear every day to work. While common jackets and clothing are made from cotton, wool, or nylon, those that are more expensive, high end, and better looking are made from leather and suede.

Both leather and suede come from animal skin. Leather is durable and is commonly processed from cows, sheep, pigs, and goats, with cow hide as the most popular type of leather. On the other hand, suede is a type of leather that is made from the underside of the animal skin, commonly lambskin. While it is not as strong as traditional leather, it has a smoother and softer texture, making it more comfortable. Since most leather and suede clothing is expensive, and with suede being more delicate than most other fabrics, both must be treated with proper care and caution during cleaning to avoid damage.

How to Clean Leather Clothing: 3 Easy Ways

1. Dust the Leather

Most traditional leather clothing doesn’t usually stain or accumulate as much dirt as other fabrics. This is because leather is water resistant. Usually, it is dust that sticks to it. The easiest way to clean this is to dust it off using a clean cloth or a soft brush. Doing this frequently prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt, making it easier when you have to wash it.

2. Apply Leather Cleaning Solutions and Condition the Leather

When it’s time to actually clean your leather clothing, the first thing you need to know is whether your leather is treated or untreated. From there, pick out the appropriate leather cleaning solution. Then, use a soft rag to apply it to your clothes. After doing this, purchase a leather conditioner and completely condition your garment it until it becomes soft and supple. Remember, always ensure that your cleaning solution and leather conditioner are appropriate for the type of leather. Otherwise, this could damage your clothes.

3. Eliminate Bad Odors with Vinegar

Any type of odor that sticks to your leather clothes can be removed with vinegar. However, necessary caution must be taken. This is because what might work for one type of leather may not be the same for another. First, try testing it on a certain spot. If the spot does not fade or discolor, then you can proceed to apply the vinegar using a spray bottle or a soft, clean cloth. The acid in the vinegar will remove the odor, while the smell of the vinegar itself will fade after some time.

3 Important Suede Cleaning Tips

1. General Cleaning for Your Suede Jackets

To always keep your suede clothes clean and neat, use a suede brush every now and then to go over its entire surface. This removes the dirt and dust that could otherwise accumulate, and this reduces the need to frequently wash your suede clothing, which could cause it to wear over time.

2. Dealing with Liquid Stains on Suede Jackets

If you spill water on suede clothing, immediately blot it with a paper towel or soft cloth and then allow it to dry. Don’t press the paper towel or cloth too much, as this could lead the water to be absorbed into the suede. For stains like tea, coffee, or juice, put a paper towel on top of the stain followed by another one. Then, press the stained part towards the paper towel to help the liquid get soaked up.

3. Washing a Suede Jacket

Washing your suede clothes should never be the go-to cleaning regimen. This should only be done occasionally. The most important part is to pick the appropriate suede cleaner and add the necessary amount when washing your suede clothes. After washing, gently shift your clothing back to its proper shape and lay it down on a clean cloth to dry.

The secret to cleaning leather and suede clothing involves regular dusting and brushing, as well as choosing the appropriate leather and suede cleaner when it is time to use it. However, while there are many methods and tips on the internet about cleaning leather and suede, it is still highly recommended that you bring your clothes to a laundry professional.

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