6 Wedding Gown Preservation Tips All Brides Must Know

6 Wedding Gown Preservation Tips All Brides Must Know (2)

If you or someone you know recently had a wedding, then you probably know how heavy buying a wedding gown is to your wallet. As such, it would be a waste of money if you did not preserve it. Not only that, but most wedding gowns also hold significant sentimental value for their owners. Wedding gowns serve as a reminder, a souvenir, and a remembrance of one of the most important milestones in a person’s life, which is her wedding.

However, while most women are too excited to have their wedding gowns fitted and used, some do not know proper wedding gown cleaning and preservation. Most people just have it washed in their local laundry shop and then stored away somewhere, which is not a good practice, as improper storage could lead to damage and discoloration. To help you with the wedding gown preservation after your big day, we have prepared some tips you could follow.

Keep It Safe Directly After Using It

Immediately after using your gown, it is important that you temporarily store it properly to avoid any damage to it. Cover your wedding dress with white cotton sheets and then wrap it with its garment bag. This way, you can prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and protect your gown from possible stains. Then, it is recommended that you lay the garment as flat as possible.

Consult a Cleaning Expert

Temporarily store your gown in the manner above and immediately consult a professional for your wedding gown cleaning, preferably within a month or two. It is best to leave this part to the experts because wedding gown cleaning can be a tricky process, and one wrong move could ruin your gown forever. An expert at wedding gown cleaning would be using different techniques, including thorough but delicate hand washing and the use of special ingredients to remove stains. For your part, don’t be hesitant to ask any questions, as this will help you to know if the person you chose is knowledgeable and has the skills required to clean your wedding gown properly. It is also recommended that you ask for a warranty in case something unexpected happens.

Choose a Professional Wedding Gown Preservation Company

After wedding gown cleaning, you now move to wedding gown preservation. It is recommended that you invest in having it professionally preserved to keep it protected from dust, staining, permanent creasing, mold, and oxidation spots.

A wedding gown preservation company usually uses different methods to preserve your wedding gown, but you might want to opt for vacuum sealing. This removes oxygen before it is stored, preventing possible oxidation, which could lead to discoloration. There are other methods that do not involve sealing your wedding gown but instead use acid-free boxes or plastics that protect it from air and light.

Store Your Wedding Gown in a Cool and Dark Place

Store your wedding dress in places where the humidity is low and free of direct sunlight. This is to protect your gown from fading and discoloration. Avoid storing it in the attic, where it can get very hot or in a basement that can be prone to flooding. Recommended areas include under your bed or in a dry closet.

Check Your Gown from Time to Time

Just because you had your wedding gown preserved professionally does not mean that you’ll just store it in your closet and keep it like that for years. It is still best to check it from time to time for discoloration or damage so that you could immediately have it remedied.

Take It Out with Caution

If you mean to take out your dress, whether to use it again or simply to reminisce about your wedding, always be cautious not to damage both the dress and its box. If you used it again, repeat the tips above before storing it. If not, carefully put it back in the acid-free box and stow it. If your wedding gown was vacuum sealed, it is recommended that you have it vacuum sealed again.

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