7 Ideal Steps for Washing Fleece Jacket Material in a Washing Machine


If you’re heading out on any type of adventure in the outdoors where you’ll be exploring nature, you might be one of those people who enjoy the comfort and warmth of wearing a fleece jacket. Backpackers and hikers have been wearing fleece jackets for years and understand how convenient they are for layering and staying warm. However, a fleece jacket will only stay in good condition if it’s treated properly. It’s important to understand how to wash fleece jackets if you want them to last and provide you with warmth and comfort for several years.

Why Fleece is Popular

Many individuals purchase a fleece jacket due to its texture and ability to keep the body warm. If you’ve done this, you may not understand what’s involved in the makeup of a fleece jacket, but it’s important to know, especially if you’ve been washing fleece jacket material improperly.

Fleece feels like wool but is created out of a mixture of synthetic fibers. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is due to its ability to keep you warm in several types of cold weather and still have the ability to breathe and feel comfortable. It’s also soft, which makes it extremely comfortable and cozy. There are a variety of techniques used to create fleece. One of which includes crushing plastic bottles into tiny particles to make thin, polyester strands that can be shaped together to create a soft fleece jacket.

Different Types of Fleece

You have several options to choose from when you are utilizing this wonderful piece of clothing. Fleece is available in different sizes and weights. Wearing the appropriate type of fleece jacket is essential if you want to enjoy your outdoor adventure and be comfortable. The classic fleece jacket is usually available with buttons, zippers or as a pullover. One of the main distinctions that you should be aware of involves the weight of the fleece that you are wearing.

100 Weight Fleece

If you need a base layer, 100 weight fleece is usually an appropriate choice. This is lightweight and can be worn on warmer days to help keep your body’s temperature regulated. This type of fleece is extremely breathable and very light. You might utilize this type of fleece when you are backpacking and need a small layer on your body as you explore different trails.

200 Weight Fleece

This type of fleece has a medium weight and is best used under a hardshell jacket to keep you nice and toasty on a day that is rainy or colder than usual. While this fleece material is twice the weight of lightweight fleece, it still provides comfort when your body isn’t generating as much heat.

300 Weight Fleece

When you’re going out in snowy, cold weather, you may want to rely on a 300 weight fleece. This type of fleece jacket is bulkier than the other two and a little less breathable. If you’re going to spend a day sitting around a campfire or participating in non-strenuous activities, this is probably the best type of fleece jacket to wear.

How to Wash Fleece Jackets

To understand the proper techniques when washing fleece jacket material, it’s best to go step-by-step. If you’re going to be using a washing machine, you’ll need the following:

– Powdered soap that’s mild

– A dry area for hanging

– It’s best if you have a washing machine that provides a low-temperature setting

It’s important to use a powdered soap detergent instead of liquid. Fleece jackets have water-resistant qualities, which will get worn down quickly if you use strong liquid detergent. Follow these steps when washing fleece jacket material:

Step 1: It is advisable to check any manufacturer tags that may have instructions for cleaning. Some fleece materials contain dyes, which require additional care.

Step 2: Take the fleece jacket you’re washing and turn it inside out. This will help avoid piling, which is when small areas of thread start to loosen and turn into tiny fuzzy balls.

Step 3: Place your washing machine setting on the lowest temperature. It’s crucial to use a low temperature when washing fleece jacket material as hot or warm water will cause damage.

Step 4: It’s also best if you have a washing machine with a hand wash or delicate setting. This will aid in the reduction of friction, which is known to cause small tears or piling in the material.

Step 5: Check your detergent container for the appropriate amount of soap to add and mix this with a little water. Place this in your washing machine and add one or more fleece jackets on top. This will help avoid residue from forming on your clothing before the washing machine is started.

Step 6: If you can wash more than one fleece jacket at a time, this is ideal. If not, wash your fleece jacket with other clothing that doesn’t create lint. If you’ve ever tried to remove lint from fleece, you understand how hard this can be and will want to avoid it. Don’t ever add bleach or fabric softener.

Step 7: Start the machine and run it through one cycle. After the cycle has ended, place your fleece jacket on a hanger in an area that’s dry.

Knowing how to wash fleece jackets will help ensure that your garments stay durable. This material is a great option if you’re one of those individuals that’s allergic to wool. You can enjoy several trips outdoors for years to come and not have to worry about getting cold if you take care of your fleece jackets.

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