Delicate Clothing Care: Essential Tips on Washing Baby Clothes

Delicate Clothing Care - Essential Tips on Washing Baby Clothes

So, you’re super excited with a new little bundle of joy, and – as a first time parent, yourself – you head out to the baby section to look for new baby clothes. You want the best for your baby. At some point, you start to imagine the additional laundry that you’ll face, and you can’t help but think, “Is washing baby clothes the same with my usual laundry?” – As a matter of fact, NO.

Given that babies have delicate skin and a developing immune system, they react negatively to harsh detergents that contain fragrances, color, and dyes – with some even having allergic reactions to certain detergents. Baby clothes require more delicate care compared to your regular clothes. To help you get started, here are some must-know tips on how to wash baby clothes.

1. Pre-Wash Baby Clothes

Nine out of ten dermatologists agree that brand-new baby clothes should be washed before your baby wears them. Washing baby clothes removes irritants, chemicals, pests, and dust. By pre-washing baby clothes, your baby will have nothing but clean and fresh garments upon his or her arrival.

2. Follow Care Label Instructions

When washing baby clothes for the first time, you need to read and understand the garment’s care label for washing instructions. This will help you understand the material and how it will react to a certain type of wash. For instance, children’s sleepwear is flame-resistant; thus, you should not use bleach on these types of fabrics, as it reduces the effectiveness of the material.

3. Set the Right Temperature

In trying to determine what temperature to wash baby clothes is best, you might be tempted to use the highest temperature indicated in the care label. Although this works great if the garment is heavily-soiled or if your little one has been ill, washing baby clothes in extreme heat can cause rips and tears.

For an effective clean, wash baby clothes at a 30-degree temperature. Reusable cloth nappies can be washed either at the highest possible temperature to remove stains.

4. Choose Your Detergents Wisely

Ninety percent of dermatologists recommend a gentle detergent for baby clothes. Harsh detergents can irritate newborn skin, so use the mildest product possible. A mild, eco-friendly detergent protects your baby’s delicate skin. Plus, it does not taint baby clothes with unnecessary synthetic additives.

With several major brands to choose from on supermarket shelves, opt for a fragrance-free detergent to prevent irritation on your baby’s skin. Some babies can be sensitive to scented products, so veer away from perfume, color, and dyes to avoid allergic reactions.

5. Wash Baby Clothes Separately

If you usually use harsh and heavily-scented detergents to wash adult clothes, wash your baby’s clothing separately. Doing so helps prevent exposure to harmful chemicals and bacteria from adult clothes.

6. Sort Your Baby’s Garments

First, sort your baby’s clothes by color; keep dark and white colors apart. After securing closures like snaps, buttons, and zippers, turn your garments inside out. It’s also better to use a mesh bag when washing small clothing items like baby socks and bibs. This, way, you won’t end up losing single socks for each pair.

Moreover, separate flame-resistant clothing to preserve its special coating. If necessary, launder these clothes either on a gentle cycle or at a lower temperature in a separate pile.

7. Wash Cloth Diapers Separately

Cloth diapers should first be soaked in cold water then washed using a gentle to normal hot water cycle. If they still smell dirty, repeat the process.

Also, shy away from using fabric softener on these types of garments, as this will only result in a buildup on diapers, which eventually makes them less absorbent. Wash diarrhea stains as you would with a protein stain. For urine stains, initially treat the spot with one tablespoon of ammonia diluted in a cup of water before laundering.

Washing baby clothes requires extra care and attention for your baby’s delicate skin. Although you can apply these safety tips on your own, you can always ask our experts for laundry services in Durango, CO.

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