Guide for Properly Caring for a Suit

Wearing a pristine business suit makes a good first impression whether going in for a job interview or securing a contract with a prominent client. While this makes common sense, it is not possible to rush out and purchase a crisp new suit every time a special occasion arises. So how do you keep your favorite suits looking, feeling (and smelling) their best? We have some information that will help you ensure your suit fulfills your highest expectations for looking and feeling its best at all times.

How Often to Dry Clean a Suit

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to answering the age-old question as to how often you should have your suit dry cleaned. There are several factors that determine the amount of time that should pass before sending these garments out for cleaning services. Experts suggest that you have dry cleaning services performed as little as possible to keep the fabric intact and prevent stretching or misshaping from occurring. So, what does all this mean?

Well, it is recommended that a business suit you do not wear often be cleaned only once or twice a year. This will remove dirt, dust, stains and odors from becoming locked into the fibers and depleting the life of the suit overall. Obviously, this amount of time between cleanings will not be sufficient if you wear the suit two or three times a week.

While you don’t want to over do it, suits worn regularly should be cleaned more often. It is acceptable to have regular wardrobe attire dry cleaned approximately once a month. Please note that if your clothing is the victim of stains or strong odors, they should be taken to the cleaners as soon as possible to prevent set-in problems from occurring. Make sure you let the dry cleaner know what has caused the stain so they can get to work quickly to remove it without delay.

Choosing the Right Dry Cleaner for the Job

Choosing a dry cleaner for handling the cleaning of your business suits should not be something you take lightly. The individual should have the experience needed for providing expert services even when you run into problems with your suits being stained. You should always ask your dry cleaner plenty of questions until you gain that confidence that the individual does have the ability to deliver services that meet or exceed your expectations. With the amount of time and money you have invested into your business wardrobe, you do deserve that peace of mind.

While most dry cleaners recycle their dry cleaning solvent, you can ask that the dry cleaner use virgin solution on your clothing. This will prevent any residual dirt or bacteria that may be left from other clothing from becoming deposited onto your garments. This is perfectly acceptable to do and a professional dry cleaning service will accommodate your requests.

What Is Dry Cleaning Exactly?

So why not just throw those suits in the washing machine? I mean, it would be quicker and more convenient, right? Wrong. Suits have that fresh pressed look because of the materials used to craft them. These fabrics most often include wool, cashmere, polyester, cotton, silk and linen. Due to the delicate handling instructions included on the garments, it is important to prevent them from being washed with detergents and water, as this can cause the fibers to break down and deteriorate the pristine look your suit was intended to have.

Dry cleaning utilizes waterless based solvents that won’t break through the fibers to remove stains, dirt and odors. Garments are placed in an agitation machine similar to a traditional washing machine. However, instead of water being added, the cleaning solvent is slowly applied. Once removed, the clothing is steamed and pressed to restore that professional look and feel.

Tips for Suit Care Between Dry Cleaning Visits

There are some things you can do to keep your suits and business garments looking fresh between dry cleaning visits. Here are some tips that will help.

  • Remove dry cleaning bags. Your dry cleaner will cover your garments in a plastic bag to keep them free of dirt and odors when returning them to you. Make sure this bag is removed once you get the garments home to prevent condensation, spots, and odors from occurring due to stagnant air.
  • Steam cleaners work wonders. Remove wrinkles with a steam cleaner set at the lowest heat setting possible. This will offer a freshly pressed look without the added expense.
  • Keep your suits rotated. If you don’t wear your suits or business garments often, make sure you rotate them. This will keep your whole wardrobe looking crisp and fresh while maximizing the life of your clothing.
  • Remove dirt and dust. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust that may accumulate on your business garments between dry cleaning services. This will prevent discoloration and odors from occurring.
  • Keep your garments hung up. This will prevent creasing and wrinkles from setting into the fabric and causing your suits and business attire from losing its desired shape.
  • Keep your garments covered with a cloth cover. This offers the ability for air to circulate around your clothing to prevent occurs or spotting from occurring.

There is no substitution for working with professional dry cleaners in Farmington, NM when you want your business suits, shirts and other garments looking and feeling their best. For more tips or to schedule expert dry cleaning services for your needs, contact our friendly and helpful team. We are ready to show you the proof of professional dry cleaning services first hand.