How to Iron Shirts and Pants Correctly

How to Iron Shirts and Pants Correctly

Not everyone is fond of ironing clothes. However, is it not good to see clean, crisp, and tidy clothing? In theory, ironing is easy. However, applying direct, high heat on textiles is intense and must be done with caution.

To dive in the depth of detail, ironing clothes takes the same course except when for some materials, texture, and patterns that require extra attention. Below are some of the quick methods and tips to consider when ironing your pants and shirts.

What Do You Need?

  • An ironing board
  • A clean iron, free from rust or burnt starch
  • Water in a spray bottle
  • Some light starch (optional)

An ironing board is necessary, although any old flat surface can do in a pinch as an emergency measure. Ironing boards are meant to make ironing easier. They are also wrapped in special material that is breathable and flame-resistant to prevent accidents like fire.

It is also crucial to keep your iron clean because its sole plates can become dusty, sticky, and oily. For cleaning, you may scrub it using baking soda mixed with water, newspapers, vinegar, nail polish remover, or detergent.

Tips to Consider Before Ironing Your Clothes

  • Before you iron your pants and shirts, you have to read the fabric label first. The tag will tell you if the item can be ironed and which setting you should use.
  • Test the fabric by ironing a small area. Generally, cotton and linen are safe to iron and they look perfect when ironed damp. You can spray small amounts of water before pressing.
  • Never iron velvet, wool, or corduroy in any setting.
  • It is also best to iron items inside out in case it leaves a mark.
  • Be careful when ironing beads, sequins, and other embroidery. If the iron is too hot, it could melt the hardware. You may also press the embellishments into the fabric, leaving marks on the other side. The use of a pressing cloth can be helpful.
  • For delicate or embellished fabrics, place a cotton pressing cloth between the iron and your clothing. Flour sacks work best for this purpose.

How to Iron A Shirt

The proper ironing of a shirt should take only a maximum of 3 minutes as it is the simplest piece of a garment to do.

The best way to iron a shirt is to start with the sleeves. They can just hang off the sides of the ironing board while you iron the rest of the fabric. Doing it the other way around will cause wrinkles in other parts of the shirt that you have already ironed.

Do not forget to open the cuffs and the collar and lay them flat. This is something that newbies get wrong all the time. This will allow you to iron the whole sleeve and collar perfectly.

Afterwards, hang the shirt for a few minutes to cool down. As ironing heats the fabric to an extremely high temperature, the “flatness” of your garment will start to show during the cool-down phase. Wearing it immediately can negate some of the hard work you just put into ironing your shirt.

How to Iron Pants

Have you heard people say “press” instead of “iron” for pants? It is the gentle pressure and steam that will do most of the work and not the heat and motion of the iron itself.

When ironing pants, you have to ensure that you end up getting a perfect crease. You can do this by laying it flat on the ironing board in a way that the leg seams match.

The crease should go all the way up the leg, which is approximately 6 inches below the waist. Always set the front crease first. If your pants need pleats, have the creases reach the pleats.

If you have pressed in a crease, hang your pants by the waistband for at least an hour or two. Otherwise, allow them to cool down for a few minutes.

Ironing pants and shirts can be an easier task if you follow the right procedures for every garment, considering their fabric and design. All these factors will determine the right amount of heat and pressure to use to get the best results.

Keep your pants and shirts maintained with these easy ironing tips. However, if you still do not know how to iron shirts and pants correctly, then taking help from expert ironing services is the best recommendation. We, at Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, use the best steam irons with incredible features to ensure that your garments are well taken care of and will last a long time. If you’re in Durango or Farmington, call us at (970) 903-1642 or (505) 564-3333, respectively.