How to Wash and Care for Holiday Sweaters

How to Wash and Care for Holiday Sweaters

The holidays are fast approaching.

It’s that time of the year again — setting up the lights, hanging stockings and candy canes, listing the holiday meals to cook, and pulling out those festive holiday sweaters.

Whether buying or unpacking, this clothing trend has been a staple of the season for a few years. With its rising popularity, multiple styles and designs are there to choose from — whether it’s ugly holiday sweaters or tasteful, stylish ones.

Cleaning and washing these wool-knitted or cotton-made holiday sweaters (ugly or loved) can be quite handy, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Luckily for you, the best ways to clean sweaters are simple once you know how.

Check the Label

You might want to think twice before cutting off the label, no matter how much it itches the back of your neck.

Here’s why:

The care label tag tells a lot about the safest and most effective way to clean your clothing. In holiday sweaters, its presence is highly important, as it indicates how to best care for your sweater. Always look first at the care label of your sweater. If you have to take it off, then keep it where you keep spare buttons and label it.

Some clothes don’t have a care tag at all. Still, knowing how to wash sweaters by identifying their material isn’t hard. Here are some general guidelines to bear in mind:

Acrylic Knits

This kind of sweater is sensitive to pilling. Acrylics can be washed by hand (avoid wringing) or on a gentle cycle in your machine using cold water. Look at the care label for recommendations for drying, or tumble dry on low settings.

Wool Sweaters

Check the care label first. If labeled hand wash, pour cold water into your washer and let it spin in a hand wash or wool cycle. Lay it flat on a surface away from sunlight or direct heat.

Beading, Sequins, and Feathers

Clothes with these materials are challenging to wash. Hand washing is the best way to clean these, but you might need expert dry cleaning.

DIY Sweaters

DIY sweaters have been the buzzword lately. Why? It can be traced to freer expression for crafty people wearing their handmade clothing, often using a relatively inexpensive sweater and varieties of decorations.

However, these DIY clothes don’t last that long compared to the original holiday sweaters. Most of its decorations may likely come off as soon as you wash it.

Hand Washing the Holiday Sweaters

Holiday sweaters were once adored by many. They characterize the Christmas spirit. Wearing matching sweaters with your family was once more widespread. These days, these sweaters have been referred to as ugly, but they still remain in style.

Knowing how to wash sweaters would greatly help in preserving their quality and neatness.

If you think hand washing is the most suitable way to clean your holiday sweaters, here are some procedural tips to follow:

  • Whisk the sweater around in the sink with cold water and detergent.
  • After about an hour or so, wash out the sweater with cool water.
  • Remove the excess water by rolling the sweater into a towel (don’t squeeze it).
  • Lay the sweater on a surface to dry.

Learn how to hand wash sweaters isn’t that complicated — but it also shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Do some research and identify what’s best for your sweater.

Dry Cleaning the Holiday Sweaters

You might use your sweater three or four times before you need to clean it. Even dry cleaning it twice every season should be enough. Dry cleaning is a great hand washing alternative for maintaining the quality of a holiday sweater. It’s far easier and safer.

Storing the Sweater

Storing your holiday sweaters is also a crucial part of preserving their quality, aside from washing.

Now, here are the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Keep the sweaters rolled up or folded in a drawer. Never hang them.
  • Put it in a breathable storage bag. Sweaters made from natural fibers can attract insects and moths. Protect it by storing it out of dark, damp spaces.

Applying the tips above will guarantee that you can use your sweater for the next season. If you need professional help cleaning your holiday sweaters, contact a green earth cleaner in Durango. Choose us at Kelly’s Dry Cleaners!