How to Wash Denim Fabrics

A quality pair of jeans is always a good investment and an absolute wardrobe staple. They are considered among the most comfortable clothes every person can wear and they can go well with almost anything. While they are naturally durable, you still need to follow special denim care instructions to keep them looking good for longer. Knowing how to wash denim properly should be one of your laundry priorities, especially if you own a lot of denim.

Here are the basics on washing and drying denim fabrics:

How to Properly Wash Jeans

If you want to enjoy your denim clothes for years to come, wash them properly.

1. Read the care label.

Always check the fabric care label on your clothes before washing, as they contain denim care instructions. Most of the time, it is best to wash your jeans separately from other clothes for the first few weeks to avoid dye transfer.

2. Turn your jeans inside out.

New or old, jeans must be turned inside out before washing them in the machine. This will help limit damage along the pockets, hems, and waistband edges, as well as prevent abrasions that may cause fading.

Other important denim care instructions involve zippers, snaps, and buttons. These should be locked or fastened. to help keep your jeans in top shape and prevent snagging other clothes in the load.

Ripped jeans are very popular! You might have a pair with frayed hems or holes. These items will fare better with hand washing.

3. Use cold water and a laundry detergent for jeans.

People that don’t know how to wash denim will probably use general laundry detergents. However, to preserve the natural color of your jeans, you must use a detergent specifically designed for colored clothing or denims. These contain ingredients that hold onto dyes and deactivate chlorine in the water. It is also best to wash denim fabrics in cold water on a delicate cycle.

How to Dry Jeans

If you can, step away from the dryer. If you want your denim to last longer, it is better to air dry in a well-ventilated area. If you need to shrink them a bit, wait until they are barely damp before you toss them in the dryer, but only briefly.

More Tips on How to Wash Denim Clothing

  • One best-kept secret to prolonging the life of your jeans is to hang them while in storage. It will help the fibers recover from the stretch and stress, especially in the seat and knee areas.
  • Spot clean or hand wash ripped jeans.
  • Remove odors and refresh your denim between washes using antibacterial fabric spray.
  • Give your denim a break. Overwashing any garment can be damaging. The agitation from constant washing in the machine can wear the fabric down over time.

Denim Care Myths

Freezing Removes Bacteria

While placing your jeans in the freezer does kill some bacteria, in reality, most of the microbes in your clothing come from you. As soon as your body temperature starts to warm the fabric, the bacteria will come back.

Wash Your Jeans Sparingly

You should wash your denim anytime it is needed. Just make sure to turn them inside out, and use cold water and a specially formulated detergent for colored fabrics. Regular washing and overwashing are very different things.

Never Put Your Jeans in the Dryer

While it is recommended to air-dry denim, this is not absolute. In fact, a quick tumble can help stretch out jeans. Just make sure to follow the denim care instructions on the care label and remove when they are slightly damp to prevent creasing.

As a go-to item for your everyday clothing needs, you need to give your denim more attention. Keep your jeans looking their best with a little help from professional Durango, CO Dry Cleaners. We can help you with your basic laundry needs, too!