Lavender vs. Mothballs: Which is Better for Clothing Storage?

Lavender vs. Mothballs - Which is Better for Clothing Storage

If you’re torn between lavender and mothballs, Kelly’s Dry Cleaners is here to enlighten you.

It’s everyone’s goal to maintain the freshness of their linens, bed sheets, pillowcases, and clothes while in storage. Keeping the smell for long is not your only concern. Bugs and other insects can find their way into your closet.

There are a number of insects that eat and damage clothes. That’s the last thing you want. You have plenty of options to keep them out. With that, we’re here to discuss the difference between mothballs and lavender. Also, discover other natural alternatives you have.

Mothballs: What’s There to Know?

There’s no contest. Mothballs have been used for generations, and they have been proven to be effective in preventing moths and other bugs from taking over your clothes. The downside to mothballs is that it has strong chemicals like 1.4-dichlorobenzene or naphthalene, which are dangerous to your health. Keeping mothballs in an airtight container is crucial as the fumes can spread and put you, your loved ones, and even your pets at risk.

Aside from that, eliminating the unpleasant smell is time-consuming. Luckily, there are cedar and lavender mothballs, but keep in mind that the chemical ingredients are still present.

How Will You Remove the Unpleasant Smell?

There are a few things you can do to remove the smell quicker.

For washable clothes:

  1. Put them in the washing machine.
  2. Add a cup of baking soda to the recommended amount of detergent, and mix thoroughly.
  3. Let the clothes sit in the mixture for an hour before completing the washing cycle.
  4. At the final rinse, add a cup of white vinegar. This will help eliminate the smells and will maintain the clothes’ freshness.
  5. Hang the clothes to dry. The fresh air may be helpful in bringing back the smell of your stored clothes.

For dry-clean-only fabrics:

  1. Hang them outside under a shaded area but keep the clothes away from direct sunlight.
  2. You can also place them in a large sealable plastic bag and leave an opened box of baking soda inside.
  3. Let it sit for days for the baking soda to work.
  4. You may need to repeat this process a couple of times (with a new box of baking soda every time).
  5. If all else fails, bring the clothes to the dry cleaners.

How to Keep Clothes Fresh in Storage Bins Without Mothballs?

You have another option aside from mothballs. A good clothes storage idea is to store your clothes with a sachet of dried lavender. Lavender is environmentally friendly, good-smelling, and non-irritating. When you store clothes properly, you’ll see that it works just as well as mothballs.

  1. Dry the lavender yourself or buy dried ones — either will work.
  2. Divide the lavender into separate sachets to avoid staining your clothes.
  3. Replace it every now and then as the lavender scent fades over time.
  4. Use essential oils to refresh old lavenders. Squeeze a drop of the essential oil to let it fuse into the lavender.
  5. Add a fixative like a calamus or orris roots. It will allow the oil to attach to the lavender.
  6. For it to last, let the mixture sit in a cool, dark place for 14 days. Shake it every week to mix the ingredients.
  7. Lastly, put them into sachet bags and into every clothes storage.

Lavender or Mothballs: Are There Other Options?

If you’re not a fan of lavender and you don’t want to go back to mothballs, here are other natural options you can try:

  • Mint – Bugs, and rodents don’t like the smell of mint. Soaking a cotton ball in peppermint oil or putting dried mint in sachets will repel them.
  • Cedar Block and Chips – Cedar has an aromatic scent. It is effective in keeping bugs out of your closet. Replace it occasionally to renew the smell.
  • Thyme, Rosemary, and Cloves – That’s right. The spices in your spice rack are great alternatives. Mix these three together and divide them into sachets.

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