Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair and Odors At Home

Tips for Cleaning Pet Hair and Odors At Home

Pets are living creatures who cannot talk but can make you feel happy. Pet friends are a constant source of love and entertainment that can take your stress away. You’re never living alone when you have pets around. They have this extraordinary power to comfort you anytime you need it without saying a word.

While they serve as our companions, there are some things that these pets are not capable of doing – cleaning up their mess. Every pet owner had a moment when they wished their fur baby’s hair didn’t shed as much or that accidents were easier to clean. Pet hair and odors are no simple clean-up, but doing it for your beloved dogs becomes easy when you know these simple tricks. There’s a lot more than owning a pet hair cleaner, and we tell you!

Pet Hair Problems

1. Vacuum cleaners for pet hair are one of the easiest ways to clean hair scattered around your house. Several vacuum cleaners are available on the market, but there is one specifically made for pet hair. While you may use the usual vacuum cleaner, it is best to consider the effectiveness of its suction, agitator brush, and its belt.

Some tips when using the vacuum for more effective results:

  • If the hair stays on the carpet, it is best to dampen down your carpet and use a rubber broom until it creates a little ball before you use the vacuum. Again, damp only, not soak. Wet carpet is the best environment for mold to grow.
  • To get more hair, alternate directions of your vacuum. The vacuum can effectively pick up embedded loose hair strands if you vacuum it alternately.
  • Frequently check the filters to prevent clogs.
  • Empty the vacuum more often.

2. Brushing to pick up dog hair is another effective method. A rubber broom or a pet hair broom can cause clumping together, thus easier to take off. A lint brush style has microfiber fabric to trap stubborn hair strands effectively. It works best when done in one direction and for touch-ups.

3. Roll tape is also great for picking up dog hair. If you do not have a pet hair cleaner or lint roller yet, you may use duct tape or even packaging tape, which you can easily find inside your home. Leave some in the kitchen or near your bed so it would be handy when you see loose hair!

4. Dampened mops and dampened sponges work magic when used on floors and upholstered furniture. If your floor is hardwood or vinyl, dampened mop acts as a magnet for pet hair from the floor, while moistened sponges, rubber gloves, or dryer sheets can get the majority of hair stuck in your furniture.

5. Window squeegees work well on the carpet. Aside from nose prints in the windows, these squeegees can loosen up pet hair from your carpets. You need a few swipes, and you’ll be surprised by how much hair you can get.

6. An air humidifier does not only help your skin but also works fantastically with preventing hair from sticking on to surfaces. Air humidifiers are a great item, serving two purposes.

Pet Odor and Stain Remover

Accidents do happen. As much as we want to train our pets where to pee or poo, there are inevitable instances of them soiling on your furniture, carpet, or blanket. Odors and stains are another set of problems that are not at all easy to clean.

  1. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are two essential household items. These work extensively in removing odors from large furniture. Spread on the affected area, let it sit all day or night, and then use the vacuum. For small items (like rugs or cushions), shake them out and vacuum.
  2. You can wash soiled items in a washing machine, add baking soda to your detergent and wash as usual. As much as possible, air dry. If the odor remains, use enzymatic cleaners.

How Do You Remove Pet Odor From the Carpet?

Like the other things in the house, you may resolve carpet odor with baking soda. Sprinkle a considerable amount over the affected area and let it sit overnight before you vacuum. However, if it didn’t work, get a carpet cleaning machine.

How Do You Remove A Fresh Stain?

Get a paper towel and newspaper. Cover the area and use these paper towels on the wet part, then cover it with newspaper. Repeat until these get dampened. Then, spray the area with baking soda and vinegar.

How Do You Remove Set Stains?

With set stains, you’d need to mix two powerful ingredients we keep on mentioning – baking soda and vinegar – with warm water. Then, spray the mixture on the affected area.

While these tail-wagging friends bring a lot of joy and brightness to our homes, there are measures we need to make to keep our house clean and smelling fresh. While these easy tricks you can do at home may help, more significant clothes stains may need professional attention. We at Kelly’s Dry Cleaners take pride in our green earth cleaning in Durango, which has serviced several clients over the years. With us, you can rest assured that the process we use saves our environment and is free from any toxic chemicals. Give us a call and let us help.