Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation: Things to Know

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation - Things to Know

Your wedding gown is one of the most sentimental items on your wedding day.

On the day of the joyous occasion, you might think that everything will go perfectly well. However, accidents may happen. Red wine or grass stains may ruin the beauty of your dress. When this happens, don’t panic. Dry cleaning experts from Kelly’s Dry Cleaners are here for you!

What to Do When You Stain Your Wedding Dress

Knowing how to handle the situation will save you from bouts of stress when your bridal gown gets stains. Kelly’s Dry Cleaners offers wedding gown dry cleaning. We know a thing or two about what you can do when you stain your wedding gown.

1. Take a Deep Breath.

Staining a beautiful white dress is a nightmare for any bride. When this happens, don’t act hastily. Take a step back and breathe. If you panic, you might do more damage than good. Don’t resort to home remedies or stain removal chemicals.

2. Gather Information.

Before you go full-on wedding gown cleaning mode, learn the basics first. Know the type of fabric and the type of stain. There is no one-approach-fits-all when it comes to removing stains. Read the care instructions label on your wedding gown. The instructions will provide you with the proper cleaning and care methods.

Here are some of the common stains you might encounter:

  • Beverage stains: For this type of stain, dab a solution made of three parts water and one part dish soap on the stain until it’s gone.
  • Lipstick stains: Lipstick stains are stubborn since the formulation and colors are different. Try fixing the problem with one part water and one part dish soap solution.
  • Grass and dirt stains: These stains are usually found at the bottom of the wedding dress. Leave the cleaning to the dry cleaning professionals.
  • Oil stains: Make a cleaning solution with equal parts white vinegar and water. Use a cotton ball to blot the stain. When the stain is gone, dab warm water to eliminate the scent of vinegar.

3. Avail Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning Services.

When your wedding day is over, you’ll see the marks of the special day. Experts help preserve not only the dress but the memories attached to it too. Before you put it back in the box or at the back of your closet, bring it to professional dry cleaners. They know dry cleaning techniques to restore the dress’s glory.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation: What’s the Difference?

Cleaning and preservation are two different processes. Bridal gown cleaning is the process of cleaning and removing stains on the fabric. On the other hand, preservation is the process of using a unique packaging technique to maintain the beauty of your wedding dress for generations.

Deep and proper cleaning is the first part of the process. Professional preservationists know how to remove even the littlest stain. Any hint of stains, if not taken care of, will cause discoloration over time.

The preservation process comes after deep cleaning. In the preservation process, your wedding dress will be placed inside a vacuum-sealed, UV-protected decorative box. This procedure prevents yellowing. Once it’s in your possession, all you have to do is store it in a cool, dry place. Be confident that your gown will stay as stunning as it was on the day of your wedding.

Do You Have To Preserve Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding dress preservation isn’t for everybody, but cleaning is. It’s up to you if you want to preserve your wedding dress. If you want to keep it on your person for years to come, then preserving it is the best way to go. If you are going to wear it again anytime soon, professional wedding dress cleaning will suffice. If you are going to donate or sell it, bring it to the dry cleaners first.

When Is The Best Time To Bring Your Wedding Dress To Professionals?

Taking your bridal gown to the dry cleaners soon after the event is ideal. Doing so will prevent stubborn stains from setting in. If your wedding dress is turning yellow, dry cleaning and preservation experts from Kelly’s Dry Cleaners may still be able to help.

There are dry cleaning techniques and methods that may re-whiten your gown. These methods may show promising results in reversing the aging process of the dress — but not in removing deep-seated stains.

Can You Wear Your Dress Again After Preserving It?

Yes! The very purpose of preserving your wedding gown is to wear it again in the future. You may also pass it on to your loved ones who are planning to get married. Wedding dresses are expensive. When you opt to preserve it professionally, you get to keep the memories safe too. Expert preservationists will be able to maintain the pristine condition of your wedding dress as if you just got married yesterday.

Trust Kelly’s Dry Cleaners for Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

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