Fire Damage Restoration Pagosa Springs CO

Fire Damage Restoration Service in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

It’s not all hopeless for your belongings after a disaster.

When your property is engulfed in fire, you might think that there’s no way to save your belongings. This is where fire damage restoration contractors in Pagosa Springs, CO, can help.

Kelly’s Dry Cleaners offers fire damage restoration services in Pagosa Springs, CO. With our help, your clothes, upholsteries, carpets, draperies, and other personal items have a chance of being restored to their pristine condition.

, Fire Damage Restoration Pagosa Springs CO

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Why Choose KDC as Your Fire Damage Restoration Contractor in Pagosa Springs, CO

1. Our team knows the right cleaning methods.

Fire-damaged items require special care. At Kelly's Dry Cleaners, we know the right techniques for different types of fabric. Our restoration experts will apply specialized cleaning methods to eliminate signs of damage from soot and smoke.

2. Our team has the right equipment.

Putting your damaged clothing into the washing machine is not an effective way to remove the odor of smoke and deep-seated soot. At Kelly's Dry Cleaners, we are equipped with the right equipment needed to deodorize fire-damaged items, so you can trust that your belongings will be restored to their pre-damaged state.

3. Our team has a keen eye for details.

Even if there are items that the fire didn’t touch, it doesn’t mean that they are free from damage. Soot and smoke are invisible enemies of your personal belongings. It also poses a great risk to your health. Let our team sanitize, deodorize, and clean your things first before anything else.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

At Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, we know that the time window before fire damage becomes irreversible is short. Cleaning them right away is important. Our team will respond quickly with a rigorous restoration process that will reinstate your things to their former look.

1. Assessment

First, our team will assess and sort out your belongings. We will determine which items are salvageable and which need to be discarded. There are times when restoration is out of the picture and replacement is the only option left. If the restoration costs are significantly higher than the replacement, we will discuss it with you.

2. Soot Removal

Next, soot is removed using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Once the loose soot is dealt with, the items will be laundered through cleaning methods designed to take off soot stains before they become permanent.
, Fire Damage Restoration Pagosa Springs CO
, Fire Damage Restoration Pagosa Springs CO

3. Smoke and Odor Removal

After soot removal, we will deodorize the items through ozone treatment. This method of removing smoke odor from upholsteries, clothes, and other items made of fabric is safe and effective at restoring items that may otherwise be unusable.

4. Cleaning Per Care Instruction

We will then sort the items based on their care instructions. Your beddings, carpets, upholsteries, and rugs require extensive dry cleaning methods to remove soot and smoke particles lingering in hard-to-reach areas. Clothing and other textiles that are safe for machine washing will be separated and washed accordingly.

Choose a Reputable Fire Damage Restoration Company in Pagosa Springs, CO

Leave the work to the professionals. Kelly’s Dry Cleaners has you covered. Our team of experts will give your belongings the best chance at full restoration. There’s no need to shop for an entire wardrobe and other embellishments to rehabilitate your home. You can save money, time, and effort when you contact us.

Call Kelly’s Dry Cleaners for fire damage restoration in Pagosa Springs, CO, at 970-903-1642 or 505-564-3333.

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