About Us

Our non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and meticulous cleaning procedures are core to what makes us unique.

Meet Scott and Mary Kelly, owners of Kelly Dry Cleaners

Scott and Mary would like to welcome you to Kelly’s Dry Cleaners. Our goal is to inspire self-confidence through a beautifully maintained wardrobe. Mary has over thirty five years of experience in the Aspen Carbondale area working with Green Earth Dry Cleaning. Five years ago, Mary and Scott opened their first location in the Farmington, New Mexico area. They are now bringing their professional expertise to the Durango-Four Corners region.

We like to make our customers happy, and we love to see you smile.

mary and Scott Kelly

Meet the awesome team behind Kelly’s Dry Cleaners!


Hi! I’ve been with the company for four years now, and I enjoy every second of it. It is a great feeling to go to work at Kelly’s every morning!


Need some help with some alterations and sewing repair needs? I got your back! No matter what you need – whether it’s patching a hole, attaching a new button, or mending a seam – I take care of your garments and make sure they look good as new!


KDC Benje
Don’t allow wrinkles to ruin your chances of making a good first impression. With an efficient laundry press, I make your clothes look great with a fresh, comfortable feel and a clean, pressed appearance.


KDC Traci
At Kelly’s, we don’t just clean clothes. We also take care of household items like placemats, table runners, and bedsheets. No household furnishing is too large for my care. I work hard to make your delicate household items look their best without losing their comfortable feel.


KDC Crishma
I make sure that your order is complete and well taken care of. I see to it that all garments and items that leave our shop have received all the services that they need, so you’d satisfied with the results.


KDC Robert

Whether it’s pickup or delivery, I’m the guy to look for. Give me a call at 505-320-5750, and I will be more than happy to set you up on my route.


KDC Paula
I take your clothes in and make sure that they are given the care that they deserve. I inspect your clothes and take note of any special concerns that may need closer attention. Let me know of any issues and how you would like us to handle them, so I can assist you accordingly.


KDC Lexy
At Kelly’s, we want our customers to feel happy when they enter our shop. I greet you with my biggest smile and send you home with a nice batch of freshly clean clothes.