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Give your clothes and linen the best and gentlest care from our reliable dry cleaners in Farmington, NM.

Clothes and linen are natural magnets for smoke, dust, dirt, and grime, resulting in mildewed and foul-smelling laundry if not dealt with immediately. For many of us, washing clothes is frustrating and time-consuming. Many things can go wrong, especially when you’re not an expert at it.

With professional dry cleaning and a little time and effort you can maintain the beauty and life span of your valuable clothes. It’s a better way to get the best of both worlds for your laundry care.

Kelly’s Dry Cleaners delivers top-of-the-line results in cleaning and restoring soiled and damaged clothes, fabrics, and linens. Our professional dry cleaners in Farmington, NM use only the safest practices and highly effective products to ensure fresh and sparkling dry cleaning results.

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Benefits of Dry Cleaning

While some find professional dry cleaning a luxurious service, it offers results that normal laundering or hand washing can’t achieve. Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, the professional dry cleaners in Farmington, NM, not only clean tough stains and remove foul odors from your garments, they treat your garments like they are their own.

Here are the reasons why you should ask for help from our Farmington dry cleaners:

1. Gentler Laundry Care

Unlike hand washing, dry cleaning is a more delicate method of removing stains from your clothes and linens. It does not involve stretching or gripping, which deforms and wears out your clothing’s fabric. 

Moreover, advanced and greener innovations allow us to use less abrasive dry cleaning procedures. Today, most professional dry cleaners are using only non-toxic laundry products and best practices to ensure that the fabric of your clothes and linens will stay in their original condition even after multiple spin and dry cycles.

2. Convenient and Time-Saving

Juggling work and home responsibilities, including laundry, can get overwhelming sometimes. When you opt for our dry cleaners in Farmington, NM, doing laundry is as easy as dropping off dirty clothes and picking them up after being cleaned, ironed, and folded neatly. 

Taking your laundry to our dry cleaners in Farmington, NM, frees up your day and gives you time to accomplish more tasks. You don’t have to spend your entire day off washing and freshening up your clothes.

If you don’t feel like walking or driving too many blocks to get your clothes laundered, you can also opt for Kelly’s pick-up and delivery dry cleaning services. It’s convenient and time-saving. 

3. Environmentally-Friendly

Aside from only using toxic-free, safe, and eco-friendly products, our professional Farmington dry cleaners use less water to clean fabrics. Sometimes, they don’t even use water at all.

Organic dry cleaning services use a special liquid solvent instead of detergent and water to clean your clothes. They also have technically advanced computer-controlled machines to ensure that your clothes are laundered to the highest standard.

When you take your laundry to our Farmington dry cleaners, you reduce water consumption and help save the environment.

4. Detailed Cleaning

Doing the laundry is taxing. Most often, you won’t concern yourself with the small stains on your clothes anymore to move on to your other laundry tasks like folding, ironing, and storing your items.

When you entrust your clothing to our dry cleaners in Farmington they will deal with all these details perfectly. Even the smallest, toughest stains will not escape their professional cleaning, and you’re sure to receive fresh smelling clothes in no time.

The smell of new, clean clothes is not hard to miss. However, some services use perfume to mask their indelicate laundering and make it seem like they washed your clothes properly. On the other hand, professional dry cleaners ensure that your garments are genuinely washed and ironed thoroughly.

5. Fabric Protection and Preservation

Washing clothes by hand or in the washer can wear out your prized clothing over time. Even the gentlest spin cycle can be tough on some of your clothes, causing stretching, fading, and other damage.

Our professional dry cleaners in Farmington understand the science of cleaning clothes and know the best laundry practices to care for your special pieces. They use gentle solvents rather than hot water and soap to preserve the color and quality of your clothes.

Why Choose Our Professional Dry Cleaners in Farmington

For over five years, Kelly’s Dry Cleaners has been New Mexico’s — and now Colorado’s — dry cleaning provider of choice. We’ve established a reputable name in the area with our competitive edge and excellent service.

Our team of dry cleaners in Farmington are trained on the best ways to safely, effectively, and quickly launder your clothes, bedding, curtains, upholstery, and other textiles to perfection. We care about you and the environment, so we use non-toxic cleaning products and environmentally-focused techniques.

Because we want to make it convenient for you, we offer pick-up and delivery services for a reasonable fee. If you don’t have the time to stop by our location, call our friendly staff, and we’ll respond to your needs right away.

Our Dry Cleaning Services

At Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, we are equipped with the required expertise and technologies to perform different types of cleaning services tailored to your needs. We handle your clothing and household textiles with the utmost care and carefully check each item before returning them.

Our team of dry cleaners is well-experienced with all types of fabrics and has learned the best techniques in dry cleaning by heart. At Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, we specialize in a variety of services such as:

  • Wash and Fold
  • Wedding Gown Preservation
  • Leather and Suede Care
  • Household Linen Cleaning
  • Native Fabric Care
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Trust Only Reliable Dry Cleaners in Farmington

Choose only trustworthy dry cleaners in Farmington who make sure that your clothes and home textiles are clean and cared for.

Kelly’s Dry Cleaners provides the highest quality of dry cleaning and restoration services in Colorado and New Mexico. We deliver quick and effective cleaning solutions for all types of fabrics, including silk and suede. Visit our shop or call us for more details on our services.

Trust Your Finest Apparel to Kelly’s

We take great pride in offering the most delicate care when cleaning your finest apparel, whether it be an exquisite wedding dress, custom leather jacket, silk shirts and even baseball caps – no shrinking or fading and your clothes will be oh-so-soft and fresh smelling.

Custom Services

At Kelly Cleaners, we make sure that any special request are taken seriously. Whether its adding additional starch to jeans or not using allergy triggering substances. We also offer delivery services of your cleaned goods for only $10 extra to any location.

Get the Care You Deserve

Every garment you bring to Kelly’s receives personal care through our multi-step process. We inspect garments to ensure proper preparation for cleaning.

Professional care

Kelly’s will give meticulous attention to the stain removal, cleaning and finishing of your goods. At your request, we will professionally press and package in an acid free box to ensure your gown is preserved for generations to come.