Laundry Services in Durango, CO

Laundry Services in Durango, CO - Top Quality and Affordable

Laundering or thoroughly dry-cleaning our clothing on a regular basis can be a daunting task, especially to people who lack the time. This is exactly why Kelly's Durango laundry services are here – to take good care of the clothes that you cannot clean yourself and save you time and stress.

Kelly’s Dry Cleaners is among the leaders in offering laundry services in Durango. We are an environmentally conscious team that uses green laundry products and processes. Many people are happy to seek our services because we never disappoint!

Top Quality Affordable Laundry

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At the most reasonable price! Kelly’s Dry Cleaners is your best choice!

Why Choose Us?

One-Stop Shop

We are a one-stop shop, specializing in environmentally safe laundry solutions that are superb in quality and performance!

We do laundry in Durango for both residential and commercial businesses. As a full commercial laundry and linen service provider, we offer several services, including wash and fold, dry cleaning, office laundry pickup and delivery, and more.

Another special feature that most of our clients enjoy is our pick-up and delivery service. This is advantageous for many, as it saves additional time and money by cutting out the extra commute. Anytime you want to have your clothing laundered, our staff members are always happy to pick them up from your place and then quickly return them as soon as we are finished.

This service has turned the time-consuming, inconvenient household chore of washing into a relatively hassle-free, effortless experience. We know that personal time is highly valued, and we do our best to provide efficient, superior, and convenient residential laundry service to free up some of your schedule and spend more time with family and for leisure.

One Stop Shop Laundry
Quality and Experience

Quality and Experience

When choosing a good laundry service, it is important to pick one that can maintain the quality of your garments. While others could care less about the well-being of your clothes, at Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, we use the safest cleaning materials and techniques to avoid any damage. We make sure that your items are washed and folded or ironed with great care.

We’ve been in the business for several years now. When choosing a Durango laundry service company, it is important to pick one with a wealth of experience. We can deal with all different types of clothing and fabrics. From regular shirts to wedding gowns, we’ve got you covered! We can also clean your curtains, carpets, and more.

Fast and Reliable

There is also no need for you to wait forever to get your laundry back. On most occasions, we can return your clothes within 24 hours. Here at Kelly's, our professionals value the time we save for you, and this is what separates us again from our competitors. We set a timeline and finish our work for you without compromising quality.

At Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, we know the perfect way to clean your clothing, linens, or gowns safely and quickly. Our customers are satisfied with the Durango laundry services we offer because we can get their items back when we say we will, and in perfect condition, too!

Fast and Reliable Delivery
Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service

Since we value our customers so much, we encourage everyone to raise any issues about our services so we can look for ways to resolve them. Our customer care representatives are courteous, friendly, and ready to answer your questions and inquiries.

We never exploit our clients, and we avoid this by making our rates pocket-friendly! Our services are worth every penny!

What are you waiting for? Contact us anytime if you need laundry services in Durango. You can reach us through our website, telephone, or email. Our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to help you find the best laundry package that will perfectly suit your needs.

Trust Your Finest Apparel to Kelly’s

We take great pride in offering the most delicate care when cleaning your finest apparel, whether it be an exquisite wedding dress, custom leather jacket, silk shirts and even baseball caps – no shrinking or fading and your clothes will be oh-so-soft and fresh smelling.

Custom Services

At Kelly Cleaners, we make sure that any special request are taken seriously. Whether its adding additional starch to jeans or not using allergy triggering substances. We also offer delivery services of your cleaned goods for only $10 extra to any location.

Get the Care You Deserve

Every garment you bring to Kelly’s receives personal care through our multi-step process. We inspect garments to ensure proper preparation for cleaning.

Professional Care

Kelly’s will give meticulous attention to the stain removal, cleaning and finishing of your goods. At your request, we will professionally press and package in an acid free box to ensure your gown is preserved for generations to come.