5 Chlorine Bleach Tips for Best Laundry Results

5 Chlorine Bleach Tips for Best Laundry Results

Chlorine bleach is one of the basic water solutions used in laundry. It is usually used to whiten and remove stains from clothes. Chlorine is also famous for disinfecting laundry and removing bad odor from the washer. Regardless of all of its benefits, there are still a lot of safety measures to keep in mind if you want the best laundry results using chlorine.

What is Chlorine Bleach?

Chlorine bleach is a cleaning solution that is 5.25% sodium hypochlorite and water. When it is used for laundry it can be really effective at removing stains and disinfecting because it kills bacteria and viruses that are generally found on clothes. However, even with low sodium hypochlorite content, it can still be powerful enough to ruin a piece of clothing. This is why chlorine must be diluted before being used on fabrics.

The main indicator that the chlorine bleach is working is when you get its distinct smell. If there is still a hint of chlorine smell after washing, this means that your clothes are not fully clean.

You may be wondering what is the difference between chlorine and bleach. Well, chlorine is a natural disinfecting element while bleach is made up of many elements. Chlorine is found in nature as an integral part of animals and plants and it comes in both gas and liquid forms.

The most common renowned brand of chlorine bleach on the market is Clorox. It is the most trusted chlorine brand because it does a very good job cleaning and disinfecting laundry. If you want to use other brands, always remember to take your time and read the label of the bleach before using it.

If you want to know how to use chlorine bleach in laundry, here are the six chlorine bleach tips you can apply:

1. Test the Fabric Before Bleaching

Before you use chlorine bleach on your clothes, test how the fabric will react to it. Try mixing a teaspoon of bleach with warm water to try on the hidden parts of the clothes such as the inside of a pocket. Let it dry completely and observe if there are certain changes in color. If there are significant changes in the color, it means that the fabric is not color-fast and you must avoid using chlorine on that particular clothing item.

This tip is most important for clothes with polyester and other man-made fibers. Chlorine can cause a yellowish effect on these types of fabrics because it tends to cause corrosion on the thread and lead to a yellowish inner core.

2. Never Mix Bleaches

Chlorine bleach is different from oxygen bleach and color-safe bleach. If they are mixed together, they can cause a harmful chemical reaction to your clothes and even to your body. Our main concern with mixing chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach is that they can cause toxic reactions such as chloramine vapors that can lead to respiratory diseases or worse, death.

3. Dilute

If you know how to use chlorine bleach in laundry, then you already know that chlorine bleach must never be used directly on any piece of clothing. The reason behind this is that chlorine can make the fibers on the clothing weak, eat holes, and cause the clothes’ colors to change. To reduce its toxic effects on your clothes, it is important to know how to dilute the chlorine bleach with water.

In a bowl, mix a cup of bleach and a quarter cup of warm water, add it to your washing machine, start filling the machine until the water reaches a considerable amount, and then add the dirty laundry. This process will be able to protect your clothes from the harshness of chlorine bleach while cleaning them effectively.

4. Wait Before Adding Bleach

Washing your clothes with chlorine does not mean you don’t have to use your laundry detergent anymore. In order to let the enzymes work on the stains and bacteria of your clothes, add the diluted bleach 5 minutes after the wash cycle starts. This will make the chlorine bleach work to whiten and disinfect your clothes more effectively.

5. Make the Water Temperature Hot

If you are not satisfied with the results after using chlorine bleach, you can change the water temperature and make it hotter. Although you can still use it in warm or cold water, chlorine bleach actually works best in hot water.

6. Keep It Fresh

When using chlorine bleach in your laundry, always remember that it is sensitive to extreme light and temperature. Excessive heat is can have a lasting effect on its stability, so make sure that you keep your chlorine bleach somewhere around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, keep in mind that chlorine bleach will most likely lose its effectiveness if you don’t use it for more than six months. You don’t have to worry about it causing harmful chemical reactions because all it will do is lose its cleaning and disinfecting qualities.

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