6 Common Laundry Disasters and How to Help Your Clothes Recover

6 Common Laundry Disasters and How to Help Your Clothes Recover

Laundry disasters happen due to a variety of reasons: wrong laundering methods, wrong cleaning products, unreliable washing equipment, etc. The good news is that these laundry problems are fixable. Here are some of the common laundry problems and solutions you should know about:

1. Dried Stains

When your clothes have a stain, your best chance at removing them completely is by not letting the stain dry. However, not everyone has the time to remove the stains immediately. The stains will become tougher to remove once it dries. If you’ve tried your go-to stain remover, try it again.

You will have to let it sit for a while, or you can try a more powerful stain remover. For whites, you can try lemon juice and then leave the garment under the sun. The lemon juice under the heat of the sun will act as a bleaching agent. After that, rinse the garment thoroughly before washing them again.

2. Shrunken Sweaters

It is heartbreaking to see your favorite sweater shrink. However, you shouldn’t mourn yet. There is a laundry tip that you can try. It may be possible to reshape the sweater so that you will be able to wear it again. Get a bucket with room temperature water and put 2-3 tablespoons of hair conditioner.

Next, put the shrunken sweater and let it soak in the solution for 5 minutes. After soaking it, get a dry towel and lay the sweater on top of it. Reshape the sweater by gently stretching it. Do this until you’ve successfully restored the sweater back in shape, then let it dry on top of the towel.

3. Pink Whites

Pink whites are one of the most common laundry problems. You probably thought that you had sorted your clothes by color, but one red sock or red handkerchief was able to sneak along with your whites. When this happens, you’ll have a batch of pinkish clothes. You’ll need a Rit Color Remover to remedy this problem.

You can buy this from supermarkets. Rit Color Remover is a laundry treatment to fix whites that have transferred dyes on them. You can also try this on patterned or colored clothes, but Rit Color Remover may damage the fabric.

4. Washed Tissues or Receipts

People sometimes forget to remove pieces of receipts or tissue papers from their clothes’ pockets. When tissues or papers get soaked in the washing machine, they’ll cling to your clothes. What you can do is remove big clumps of wet paper or tissues before tossing them into the dryer.

The remaining clumps of paper will be removed, and you’ll find them on the lint filter. Once the dryer cycle is done, shake the clothes to remove the remaining clumps of tissues or receipts.

5. Awful Smells and Mildew Stains

If you forget to remove damp clothes from the washer, they’ll have an unpleasant smell. Inspect the clothes to see if there are mildew stains. If there is none, all you have to do is wash them again. You can add color-safe bleach or bleach for whites to clean the garments thoroughly. If there are signs of mildew stains, you should wash your clothes with a solution of chlorine bleach.

This will remove the stains on your white clothes effectively. For colored clothes, use 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of color-safe bleach. All you have to do is sponge the parts with mildew stains. After that, rinse and wash the garments properly. You can also let the clothes sit in a borax solution.

6. Washed and Dried Stickers

It is common for parents to miss one or two of these stickers. However, when these stickers get washed and dried, it becomes a challenge to remove them.

If you have such a problem, use ice cubes to freeze parts with the sticky residue. Once it hardens, use a spoon to scrape it off. After that, use cooking oil or baby oil to remove leftover sticker glue as it detaches from the fabric. It is also important to use dish soap to wash the area. Rinse it with warm water. For the final steps, use a stain remover and rewash the garments.

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