A Guide to Preventing Dark Clothes from Fading

A Guide to Preventing Dark Clothes from Fading

Dark-colored clothes, especially black-colored shirts and pants, can easily pair with other clothes. For that reason, many people love to wear them, whether it be for formal, casual, or any other occasion.

In addition, wearing dark clothes can have lots of benefits according to some people. Some feel dark shirts make them look tidy, while others say they look thinner when wearing such shirts.

However, the trouble we all have with dark clothes is that they fade quickly. Every time you wash them, their color changes, and they become less aesthetically pleasing than when we first wore them.

To hear the good news, there are some guides on how to keep dark clothes from fading! If you want to learn how we prepared a list for you to follow.

8 Tips for Preventing Dark Clothes from Fading

Even if you look for tips on keeping clothes from fading, they will still fade over time. In other words, color fading is inevitable. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, you can slow down the process. Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Separate Dark Clothes

The first tip on how to prevent dark clothes from fading is to learn how to sort them. Dark-colored clothes are more likely to fade quickly when paired with light-colored clothes, so it is best to separate them while washing.

In addition, you must also separate dark clothes from lint-producing types of clothes. Lint can stick on some fabric, and the accumulation will make dark clothes look faded.

2. Use Mild Detergents and Fabric Conditioners

Another tip we have for you is to check the composition of the laundry products you are using. Some detergents and fabric conditioners contain ingredients to slow the process of fading in dark clothes.

Try to look at the description of the detergent and fabric conditioner you have. If you can see “for black” or “for dark colors,” then you can safely use it. If you cannot find any laundry product with that description, another tip on how to keep black clothes from fading is to use only mild laundry products.

3. Read Your Clothes’ Label

Regardless of whether they are dark-colored or light-colored, some clothes need specific care, such as washing them in cold or warm water. That is why it is essential to first read your clothes’ labels before washing them.

In addition, you may also see in the label whether your clothes need a gentle wash, dry cleaning, or it is fine with just the usual modes of washing machines.

4. Do Not Put Your Clothes in the Dryer for So Long

The best way to dry dark clothes is to line-dry them. However, if you prefer using your dryer to make the drying process shorter, don’t do it for very long.

Being in the dryer makes dark clothes fade faster since it exposes them to friction inside. The longer they are inside, the more damaged they will become.

5. Turn Your Clothes Inside Out

Another tip on keeping dark clothes from fading is to turn them inside out while washing and drying. In that way, the risk of damage that may occur can lessen.

6. Use Your Washing Machine’s Control Panel

Nowadays, washing machines already have a control panel that you can use to adjust some settings. You may choose to wash dark clothes in gentle mode, normal mode, or even in heavy mode with control panels.

If your clothes are not that dirty, you can choose the gentle mode to prevent fading.

7. Avoid Drying under the Sun

Sun-drying is the traditional way of drying clothes. However, it is not advisable when you are drying dark clothes. Being under direct sunlight makes dark clothes fade faster.

So, what you can do is set up an indoor rack where you can hang clothes to keep them away from direct sunlight.

8. Add a Little Amount of Vinegar

If you have ever come across some other articles that tell you to add vinegar to keep clothes from fading, do not be skeptical. Those articles are correct; vinegar does prevent clothes from fading fast.

You can add 1/2 a cup of vinegar to every wash cycle. Do not worry about the smell; it will go away while your washing machine rinses your clothes.

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