A Quick Guide to Black Shoe Polish Stain Removal

A Quick Guide to Black Shoe Polish Stain Removal

Does shoe polish stain clothes? This is a usual question for people who use shoe polish, and the answer is yes. Undoubtedly, shoe polish will make your shoes look good and shiny. It can easily breathe new life into your old shoes. That is why people often use them. However, while this will make your shoes look good, it can be a disaster if it happens to come into contact with your clothes or other fabrics. As such, what you need to do is find an effective black shoe polish stain removal technique. However, the way to remove shoe polish stains depends on what type of fabric you are dealing with. To help you, we have listed a few tips about black shoe polish stain removal for clothes and carpets.

How to Get Rid of Shoe Polish Stains on Clothes

1. Get as much shoe polish removed as possible.

Use a knife or a spoon to gently scoop out any remaining polish. However, be gentle and careful not to spread the polish even more. This is why it is better to scoop the remaining polish as compared to scraping or brushing it off.

2. Pre-treat the stain before washing it off.

There are different liquids you can use to do this. If you don’t want to spend more, you can go to your kitchen and opt to use your dishwashing liquid, since this is designed to remove waxy or greasy components, which can be found in shoe polish stains. (Just be careful to avoid if it contains bleach and the fabric in question is not quite.) If you want to use something that is really designed for clothes, you can opt for an enzyme-based stain remover. Apply your chosen pre-treatment to the stained area, rub it lightly with a soft brush, and leave it to work for up to an hour.

3. Wash your clothes.

Remember to use the hottest water possible for this, as indicated in your garment label, since the higher the temperature of the water, the more effective the procedure will be. Use a high-quality detergent for the wash, and add a color-safe bleach to remove the dye in the stain, but only if the label on your garment allows it. After adding all the necessary cleaning solutions, have your washing machine run a regular, full cycle.

Before you put your garment in the dryer or before you let it air dry, you should check to see if the stain has been removed or not. Do not let your clothes dry out with the stain still on it because it will be a lot harder to remove thereafter. If there is still a stain left, mix a solution of bleach and cool water, then soak the garment for at least eight hours (if your label allows). If the stain is removed after, you can wash the garment normally. If not, repeat the process by mixing bleach and cool water again and soaking your garment for another eight hours.

How to Remove Shoe Polish Stains from Carpets

Much like clothing, the first step you need to take is scoop up any remaining polish that you can remove. Again, be sure not to spread it even further. With carpets, you can also vacuum up any dry particles that are left after scooping.

Next, get a clean, absorbent white cloth and mix some dishwashing liquid with warm water. Dip the white cloth into the mixture and dab this on the stained spot — check to see if it absorbs the polish. If it does, dip a clean part of the cloth into the mixture and do the same again. Continue doing this until nothing is absorbed by the cloth anymore. Then dab the stained part with a damp cloth (only water this time) to remove excess soap. After that, use a dry, white cloth to absorb any excess moisture.

These are just some tips for black shoe polish stain removal. While you can do this to try and remove stains at home, some trains are really too stubborn, and the only way to remove them without damaging your clothes or carpets is through the help of a professional. We at Kelly’s, the best shop that offers dry-cleaning in Durango, CO, can help you safely remove shoe polish stains from any type of garment or fabric. Instead of worrying about how to remove shoe polish stains, you can just relax and drop off your garments and carpets with us today for a professional cleaning!