A Simple Guide on How to Sort Your Laundry

A Simple Guide on How to Sort Your Laundry

In doing laundry, sorting the clothes may seem like the easiest task to do. But the truth is, it is much more complicated than you think. If done incorrectly, laundry sorting can turn into an absolute mess and even ruin the washer. If done the right way, it can save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Laundry sorting can be a bit of a mystery. It is normal for people to dump everything in the machine together. When doing laundry, clothes need to be sorted by type. There are a lot of problems that can be avoided if people know the basic laundry sorting tips that will help make their lives a lot easier.

In this article, you will know how to sort laundry to avoid any damage to your clothes.

Why Sort Laundry?

Sorting the laundry is important because it keeps the fabric of the colors safe and the colors vibrant. It will also reduce any damage to the laundry and make it easier to choose the laundry settings, saving you time and money in the process.

Different Ways to Sort Laundry

By Color

The most common way of sorting laundry, but some people don’t know how to sort laundry by color. Here are some of the categories you can follow:

  • Whites. White clothes must be separate from the rest of the clothes. One colored shirt can damage the color of the whole load. Use warmer water temperature for proper cleaning.
  • Red and Bright Colors. Clothes that are colored pink, purple, or red can be mixed together in one load. But keep in mind that red clothing have the possibility to bleed onto other clothes. You can separate colored clothes and mix them with bright colors.
  • Black and Dark Colors. Same with bright colors, dark colors can ruin lighter fabrics. Sort your dark colored clothes together in one load to avoid any damage.

By Fabric Type

After sorting your laundry by color, you will need to sort it by fabric type. This type of sorting style is not as complicated as you think. You don’t need to check the label to identify the fabric type unless you want to sort it by fabric type perfectly. Here are some of the categories you can follow:

  • Delicates. This category includes all of your undergarments, lingerie, pantyhose, silk fabric, and satin pillow shams. Anything you consider as light, silky, and easily damaged can be considered a delicate fabric.
  • Denim. This includes all the sturdy fabrics and all types of jeans. Blue jeans, black jeans, and jean jackets can be mixed together in one load.

Sorting by fabric will help reduce the damage to the laundry and will save you time with the drying process.

By Stain Removal

After sorting by color and fabric type, the next thing you need to do is check each pile for stains in the clothes. When you see some minor stains on the clothes, spray them with laundry stain remover and return it to the pile after the stain remover has settled.

If you see stubborn stains on some of the clothes, remove them from the pile and soak before washing. This process will lift most of the stains out of the fabric and ensure that the stains will not leak onto other clothes.

In sorting your laundry, it is recommended to use a laundry sorter for more organized sorting. You can purchase a laundry sorter hamper or a laundry divider to avoid mixing the clothes with other piles.

What To Do After Sorting the Laundry?

After sorting the laundry, there are still some things that need to be done to make sure that all your clothes are safe.

1. Check the Tags

Always read the tags properly to know how to wash, dry, and iron the clothes properly. Most of the clothes will have normal instructions, but you need to be aware about the restrictions and recommendations for some clothes.

2. Check the Pockets

Before tossing all the clothes in one load, make sure to check all of the pockets. You will be surprised by all the stuff that you will find. There are a lot of laundry disasters waiting to happen if you fail to check the pockets of your clothes.

3. Check for Sewing Repairs

Your biggest enemy in doing laundry are all the loose threads, rips, and other sewing repairs in your clothes. Make sure that all of your clothes are thoroughly inspected for any type of repair, because you will end up needing bigger repairs after washing them.

In sorting your clothes, the most important thing you need to do is pay attention and make sure that you sort everything the right way. Following these laundry sorting tips will ensure that your clothes will be safe from any sort of damage while being washed.

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