An Expert Guide on Suit Maintenance

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No matter the occasion, looking your best in a well-tailored business suit always helps make a positive first impression. Whether for a job interview, a meeting with a high-profile client, or a wedding, ensure you’re dressed to impress. Although this makes perfect sense, it’s obviously not practical to run out and buy a brand-new suit every time a formal event comes around.

What should you do to ensure that your favorite suits continue to feel comfortable and look sharp (not to mention smell great)? Our expert guide will make it easier for you to get the most out of your suit investment and retain its pristine condition for years to come through proper suit maintenance.

Easy Ways To Clean and Care For Your Suit

1. Use a brush to clean it after each use.

Invest in a suit brush with soft bristles and use it to brush down your suit’s shoulders and exterior surfaces after each wear. That’s a surefire way to get dirt embedded in the fabric, and it can also wear out the fibers over time and make the cloth look worn and ragged. Remember that pollen, dust, and even animal (and human) hair can cling to the delicate fabrics of a suit, even if you spend the day sitting at your desk.

Use long, sweeping strokes to brush your suit as you would when shaving. Brushes for suits typically feature nylon bristles. However, we recommend opting for one with natural animal hair, such as soft boar bristle, to minimize static and be gentler in cleaning a suit. If necessary, run the lint roller over the area again.

2. Use a wet cloth to spot clean.

Stains will occur no matter how careful you are. The fastest way to get rid of stains like food and wine on a suit is to start spot cleaning immediately. To remove the stain, gently dab it with a moist towel or fragrance-free baby wipes. If the stain persists despite your best efforts, it’s time to call the experts for a thorough dry-cleaning process.

3. Steam away wrinkles.

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Although a freshly pressed suit is sure to impress, be careful not to scorch the fabric with your flat iron. Based on expert suit guides, it is critical to use only a handheld steamer. You will damage no fibers, and wrinkles and odors will be soothed. In addition, you can steam the top of your suit without worrying about distorting the contour of the shoulders or chest. In the absence of a steamer, you should use the shower. Put the jacket and pants on separate hooks, fill the sink with hot water, and let the steam do its job for 30 minutes.

4. Sparingly dry clean your suit.

What do we suggest? Your suit can withstand many trips to the dry cleaner before it starts to deteriorate. It doesn’t need frequent dry cleaning; just put it away for the season, and a couple of times a year is plenty. (This will also assist in keeping moths away while it’s being stored.) To properly clean and care for your suit, air it out for at least a day before deciding if it has to go to the dry cleaners.

5. Hang it on sturdy wooden hangers.

KDC-Wooden Hangers

Do you know why wooden coat hangers are so common in suit care? The wood removes the moisture that may have accumulated in your suit’s canvas and lining. Suits may be kept in good condition for longer by hanging them on a wide, wooden hanger with rounded ends to prevent the shoulders from sagging. On the other hand, according to professional suit guides, one reason not to use the wire hangers provided by the dry cleaners is that they might attract and trap moisture, which can damage your expensive suit.

6. Make sure you have enough closet space and garment bags.

You can store your suits more neatly and in better condition if you give them plenty of room to hang. Clothes might get wrinkled if they are stuffed too tightly. Similarly, if they are crammed too closely together, air cannot freely pass through them, leading to a buildup of moisture that might weaken the fibers. Additionally, to prevent damage from dust and moths, you should use garment bags to store all coats and suits while they are not in use.

7. Rotate wearing your suits regularly.

You can extend the life of your suit if you refrain from wearing it daily. Wear each outfit no more than twice each week to allow the fibers to recover. Remember that your suit needs some downtime. The general suit care guideline is that thinner suits need only be dry-cleaned for 24 hours, while larger suits require 48 hours. Brush, dab, hang and bag it before putting it away in the closet.

8. Pack your suit the right way.

There’s no need to worry if you’re a gentleman who prefers to travel with only a carry-on and for whom a garment bag is not an option. This method is guaranteed to keep your suit intact during transit. To ensure that the jacket’s seams and lapels are aligned, turn it inside out and press the shoulders together. The next step is to roll from the bottom up lightly. It would be best if you did the same with men’s dress pants. This will help keep your suit wrinkle-free and protect it from dust in your bag.

9. Use cedar blocks and wardrobe perfume.

KDC-Wardrobe Perfume

Using a wardrobe perfume if you like having a slight scent on your suit is fine, but most won’t help keep the suit clean. Instead of rubbing your scent bag against your suit, choose a stain-free one that you can hang from a separate hanger.

Cedar blocks are an apparent deviation from this rule. From simple blocks that can be stored in an organza pouch to more intricately shaped ones made for use with a coat hanger, various options exist. Cedar’s mild odor and pest-repellent characteristics make it a great alternative to harsh chemicals like naphthalene mothballs to preserve your suits during storage.

Key Takeaway

Have you ever thought about the best way to maintain your suit collection at home? In the same way that a well-fitting suit can make any guy appear sharp, proper suit maintenance ensures that your best suit will last a lifetime. Although it may be inconvenient to send your favorite suit out for dry cleaning whenever it needs freshening, nobody wants their expensive staples ruined. With the correct home care, you may prolong the time between full washes and maintain the amazing quality of your tailor-made investment suits.

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