How to Do Laundry: 10 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making

How to Do Laundry - 10 Common Mistakes You're Probably Making

Unless you are lucky enough to have someone to help you with household chores, you probably know how to do laundry properly. Was there ever a time when you had a bad experience washing your clothes?

There is more to know than just separating delicate from your denim. In fact, you are probably making some errors that you are not aware of. Good thing several laundry hacks can help avoid such mistakes. Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your clothes last longer and save you money.

1. Do Not Just Sort Lights and Darks

According to experts, you have to do more sorting when you wash clothes to keep them fresh. Separate muddy or very dirty clothes from lightly soiled pieces. Heavy and abrasive fabrics such as denim should not be mixed with delicate garments.

Turn your denims inside out and wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Dry them at low temperature to prevent fading.

You can prevent your sheets from twisting by washing one piece at a time and adding smaller items like undergarments in the load. This will help prevent twisting because of the variation in tumble patterns.

2. Do Not Add Detergent Directly on Your Clothes

There is a right and wrong way to load your washing machine. The best way to distribute the detergent is to add your clothes first, then water, and lastly the detergent.

However, if you are using bleach, add water first, then clothes, and lastly the soap.

Make sure to check on the tags on your clothing and use safe laundry detergent.

3. More Detergent Does Not Equal Cleaner Clothes

Excessive amounts of detergent can leave irritants on your clothing, which can cause rashes, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you think your clothes are not being cleaned well, then use a different detergent. Adding more detergent won’t help.

4. Skip the Dryer and Save Energy

It’s always a good idea to air dry your clothing when possible. Aside from saving money, machine drying can easily wear out fabric fibers.

5. Do not Leave the Zippers Open

Loose zippers can easily snag delicate fabrics and scratch the sides of your washer. Also, unclipped bras can pull garments and damage the drum if they fly around loose. Put them in a lingerie bag. If you do not have one, an old pillow case is the best alternative.

6. Keep Your Shirts Unbuttoned

If your zippers need to be fastened, buttons are not. Washing shirts with the buttons fastened can rip the buttonholes. Always check the cuff and collar buttons too!

7. Always Do A Quick Bleeding Test

If you are washing a brand-new red shirt for the first time, it is best to do a quick test to make sure a mess will not happen. Dampen a discreet spot and blot it with a white clean cloth. Check for any bleeding. If so, wash the item several times until the color stops running.

8. Do Not Scrub Stains

Many people think that the best way to clean a stain is to vigorously scrub it with a detergent. This is one of the most common laundry mistakes that many people are guilty of. That’s definitely not the best course of action. In fact, it could even result in the stain spreading.

Gently dab the stain, working from the outside, using a cotton swab or a clean white cloth. Treat it early. If you are working on a plain white shirt, a bleach may be helpful.

9. Always Clean the Lint Trap

Are you cleaning the lint filter after every cycle? Lint buildup can clog the duct, which may cause fire. It is also very important to clean the filter at least once yearly. Scrub it using a toothbrush with a small amount of detergent, then rinse and air-dry.

You also have to remove the hose from the back of the dryer once a year, then wind a long brush through to remove lingering lint.

10. Be Cautious When Washing Clothes with A Dry Clean Label

Even if you already know how to do laundry, you still have to check the tags on your clothing. If it has a “dry clean” label, proceed with caution. Natural fibers such as silk and linen can be hand washed and air-dried. But for items such as suede, leather, and other structured garments including suits and blazers, it is better to follow the label. Have it dry-cleaned.

Knowing these common laundry mistakes can help protect your garments and your wallet. If you can’t do your next laundry at home, stop by at Kelly’s Dry Cleaners in Durango or Farmington. We will be more than happy to clean your clothes and test out these tips with any of our state of the art, high-capacity machines. Call us at (970) 903-1642 or (505) 564-3333 for more information.