Is Laundry Stripping Worth The Trouble?

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Before you try laundry stripping, it’s crucial to grasp the science behind the deep-cleaning technique.

Laundry stripping may be well-liked in some circles. In the end, stripping some fabrics, such as wool and silk may cause more harm than good, and using this technique too often can cause your clothing to degrade too quickly. To understand the logic thoroughly, it’s best to delve deeper into the theory underlying laundry stripping. Everything you need to know about this well-liked fad, which left a huge amount of soil and debris in its wake, is outlined here.

What is Laundry Stripping 

Laundry stripping is a process of soaking that eliminates all signs of detergent, fabric conditioner, minerals from hard water, and natural oils from the body that have built up on clothing and other fabrics over time. The procedure takes a long time: Borax, washing soda (Sodium Carbonate), and laundry detergent are added to a hot water tub and let sit for around four to five hours until the water has cooled. However, laundry stripping is not always essential, especially if you wash your clothes correctly.

The Role of Viral Influencers 

Laundry stripping is not a new concept: Many cleaning experts employed it long before it became a TikTok craze. The Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab specialists utilize a variation of this deep soaking approach to remove residues from the normal test loads of bath towels, bed sheets, and other materials used to test laundry detergents and fabric softeners. However, laundry stripping took off after MrsLaurenElms posted a before-and-after TikTok in 2020, and TikToks about laundry stripping generated millions of views since then.

This viral soaking technique showed laundry stripping before and after. TikTok showed tubs that had been filled with murky brown water after letting dry laundry be soaked for several hours. The transformation is so satisfying that many people are now questioning how clean their towels and sheets are. People have many questions about the soaking method. Some are direct and to-the-point, such as, What is the best laundry stripping method?

Pros of Laundry Stripping 

The shocking aspect of laundry stripping is the water, which results in a disgusting, murky pit. This discoloration is primarily due to the dye in your garments being released by hot water, causing them to bleed. Experts explain that stripping can help remove grime, residual body oils, detergent residue, and minerals from hard water, all of which contribute to the brownish hue of the water.

Regarding which clothing to strip, it can be excellent for soiled towels, linens, or items that are frequently used or dirty. It is also a valuable method to revitalize your workout apparel periodically. However, if you are already washing your garments with care, stripping your laundry is certainly not necessary.

Cons of Laundry Stripping 

The process of laundry stripping can damage many textiles. Washing soda can precipitate water hardness and leave soap scum residues on fabrics. Additionally, washing soda can raise wash pH, which is the opposite of soap scum removal. Aside from this, washing soda can deactivate some detergent components, preventing your laundry from becoming clean.

Ways to Avoid Laundry Stripping 

The accumulation of detergent on your clothes is the primary factor for laundry stripping. However, most of this accumulation occurs because we all use much more detergent than is recommended.

You need no more than two tablespoons of normal laundry detergent for a heavy load and less for small or medium loads. The entire cupful we’ve been taught to pour into the washing machine is far too much and prevents our garments from being thoroughly cleaned.

How to Do It Properly 

You don’t have to strip laundry if your laundry is done correctly. How to strip laundry “properly” means using a laundry stripping recipe of an appropriate amount of detergent and no fabric softener to absorbent fabrics like towels. In addition, it also doesn’t mean overloading your washing machine.

The laundry stripping recipe involves using water that is “as hot and safe as possible for the fabric.” However, not all fabrics are suitable for this. The garment labels will show you how the fabric can be handled and help you avoid damaging it.

Once you’ve settled on the proper water temperature, you can let your clothes soak for several hours before stirring them. Stirring is similar to the washing machine’s agitation.

Furthermore, it is important to dry your laundry completely, as it has been sitting in warm, humid conditions that encourage mold growth. Once the water has cooled, drain the water and rinse everything. Then dry the clothes in the dryer according to the label.

Use These for Best Results 

  • Scented Vinegar – This all-purpose formula neutralizes odors from the source. You can also use it in laundry pre-soaks to deodorize and deep clean fabrics. This leaves fabrics feeling fresh.

  • All-Purpose Bleach Alternative – These chlorine-free, oxygen-based beads work in hot water to remove discoloration, dullness, and dinginess, and uncover brilliance on everyday fabrics.

  • The Stain Solution – This liquid gold for stains targets both set-in and new stains thanks to fast-acting enzymes that can be applied to all fabrics, even your delicates.


If you’re not a fan of the current trends, laundry stripping involves soaking your laundry with a mixture of cleaning products. This helps to remove any detergent, dirt, oils, or minerals that your regular laundry detergent can’t remove. However, trending as it may be, the viral laundry stripping method is not for everyone. It is still best to leave thorough cleaning of your clothes to those who know laundry best. After all, your clothes deserve the proper care and attention to keep them looking brand new.

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Laundry stripping may be trending in the digital world, but it doesn’t mean it’s ideal to follow. As with any other laundry procedure, it has its pros and cons that are not to be overlooked, especially if it involves your valuable clothes. It would still be best to seek the services of dry cleaners in Farmington, to treat your clothes with the best care they deserve. Our staff will always go the extra mile to pick them up and deliver them thoroughly clean at a reasonable price. Contact us today to know more about our services.