Practical Ways To Make Laundry Folding Less Annoying

KDC-woman laundry folding

Who doesn’t enjoy the sensation of clean, warm laundry from the dryer? Hooray, your clothes are clean! However, for most of us, it’s all downhill from there since the next step is the annoying part, laundry folding.

Even though seeing a basket full of freshly folded laundry for the entire family is rewarding, getting there is typically a grind involving days of procrastination, constant sighing, and using the basket as a closet.

However, sorting and folding can be a smooth and easy job. These simple strategies can make laundry folding less unpleasant and more enjoyable. Are you ready to fall in love with folding your laundry? If so, sit tight as we dive and delve into the world of putting away laundry the organized way.

Tips and Tricks For Laundry Folding

1. Netflix and Fold

Here’s a handy tip for those in the laundry room folding clothes while daydreaming about all the other exciting things they could be doing. Include some amusement in your folding process. If you’re too lazy to fold clothes, try doing it while watching your favorite Netflix series on the couch. Other options include listening to a podcast, playing music, or watching YouTube videos. You could even schedule a laundry folding date with your best buddy and FaceTime while folding.

2. Create a Space for Folding

Setting up the appropriate space is essential for folding laundry fast and effectively. We may not all have huge, well-equipped laundry rooms, but any moderately sized flat surface is adequate for folding clothing. Simply emptying a dining table or kitchen island of its contents might provide adequate space for folding. A large surface for sorting clothing into piles and folding them will expedite the procedure significantly.

3. When Clothes Are Warm, Fold Them

Although it may seem insignificant, there is a crucial advantage to folding garments immediately after the dryer cycle is complete. When the fabric is warm, it becomes softer and more flexible, making it easier to fold without ironing out wrinkles. Additionally, promptly removing clothing from the dryer avoids wrinkles.

4. Sort Before Folding

Make distinct piles for shirts, pants, socks, and underwear even before folding so you may get into a rhythm of continuously folding the same items. After sorting and folding, separate the clothing that requires line drying or other special care into separate piles.

5. Learn the Quickest Way to Fold a Shirt

The Japanese technique is the quickest technique for folding shirts, and once you’ve learned it, you’ll be able to fold a shirt in only a handful of seconds with two rapid motions.

6. Use a Folding Board

Attempting to fold clothing neatly and consistently can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, a recent innovation streamlines the procedure and guarantees flawless folding every time. Online tutorials allow you to get any folding board on the market and learn how to fold laundry quickly.

7. Roll Instead of Fold

Creating a uniform stack of folded T-shirts is time-consuming yet fulfilling. Consider changing your strategy by rolling your shirts instead. This efficient method allows you to store your shirts in a row rather than a stack, making it easier to locate the desired shirt and eliminating the need to refold them after searching through them.

8. Share the Burden

Although it may appear more efficient for one person to handle the household’s laundry, this is not the case. Adult companions may help with folding or doing their own laundry, and even school-aged youngsters are perfectly capable of including laundry in their household responsibilities.

Folding vs. Hanging Clothes (And Those in Between)

Here’s a categorized list of clothes appropriate for folding or hanging and those in between:

Clothes for Folding

  • Heavy Sweaters – According to the experts, folding these will preserve their structural integrity and conserve closet space.
  • Sportswear – Yoga pants, workout tops, and sportswear should all be folded since these can become distorted and stretched if hung on a hanger.
  • Shorts – While you’re not required to fold shorts, there’s no reason to hang them, so you should probably fold them and store them in your closet.

Clothes for Hanging

  • Flowing Fabrics – Typically, dresses and blouses made from silk, chiffon, or other ‘flowy’ materials.
  • Linen – Is known for being prone to wrinkling; therefore, hanging linen garments in the closet is preferable.
  • Pants – You should plan to hang all of your other pants, especially your dressier slacks.
  • Blouses – If you do not want your delicate blouses to be full of creases and pesky wrinkles, hang them.
  • Jackets – They are huge garments, and attempting to fold and store them in a dresser would not only result in creases but also take up most of your space.

Clothes You Can Fold or Hang

  • T-Shirts – It is possible to hang, fold, or stack T-shirts. However, the majority of current t-shirts contain a stretchy fiber (Lycra or a comparable material) that makes them generally wrinkle-free regardless. Clearly, hanging shirts minimizes the likelihood of wrinkles.
  • Jeans – They are one of the most adaptable items in your wardrobe, which is also true of their storage. Since they are often thicker and retain shape, they are the easiest pants to fold or hang.
  • Scarves – They may be hung, folded, or rolled. Scarves can be stored in various ways, but the scarf size often dictates whether it is more practical to fold it or hang it.


Out of all the daily household chores, people dread laundry folding the most. And this makes sense because laundry folding is time-consuming, tedious, dull, and monotonous. However, with that said, you can follow some of the tips presented in this article, which will make folding laundry less tedious and more enjoyable.

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