Smart Laundry Hacks You Wished You Knew

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Everyone can find one aspect of doing laundry that they truly hate. Waiting for laundry is torturous for impatient people, and people who have trouble staying focused will find the folding quite annoying. Then to make the problem worse, there are the dreaded five to seven working days it takes to grudgingly move the mounds of folded garments upstairs from the living room.

Most people have looked online for laundry hacks at some point. Perhaps you wanted to know how to make your towels feel and look fluffy once more, or you wanted to find ways to un-shrink your favorite sweater; whatever the reason, most of us have looked online for laundry hacks at one time or another.

If you can relate to the experiences mentioned above, here are some life-changing laundry hacks and tips that will make your clothes cleaner and doing the laundry an activity you look forward to.

Laundry Tips For Beginners

The risks associated with doing the laundry as a beginner might be overwhelming. You don’t want stained blouses, shrunken t-shirts, or damaged clothing. So here are the best ways to do laundry effectively and transform you into a laundry pro in a breeze.

1. Sort through your clothes.

You may have heard that before washing your clothes, you should sort them by color and fabric. This allows you to wash items at the most appropriate temperatures and utilize varied washing cycles without causing any damage, particularly if you’re following a laundry system for a large family.

2. Examine the care label.

Some garments can only be dry-cleaned, some can only be hand-washed, while others are not at all sensitive. Sort and wash them based on the care instructions contained on the label.

3. Pre-treat stains.

Examine your garments for stains before placing them in the washing machine. They are significantly easier to remove if you use a stain remover first.

4. Don’t overload the machine.

To achieve the best washing results, avoid overloading the machine so that the clothing has ample room to move around.

5. Select the proper water temperature.

You can wash towels, bed linens, kitchen towels, and any other non-delicate clothes in hot water. Warm water is ideal for white and light-colored clothing, while colored and dark clothing are best washed in colder water.

6. Use of detergent and softener.

Do not use excessive amounts of detergent. More detergent does not necessarily result in cleaner clothes. The same goes with fabric softeners.

7. Do not leave damp laundry in the washer for a long time.

Remove the damp clothes from your washing machine and dry them as soon as the cycle is over.

Smart Laundry Life Hacks You Must Try

For more helpful laundry hacks, read on!

Use vinegar to soften the sheets.

Run your bed sheets through the washing machine with a half cup of white vinegar to soften, brighten, and eliminate any lingering scents.

Bid farewell to wrinkles.

Here’s a handy laundry tip that helps you remove creases from a shirt or slacks and skip the ironing or steaming. Put some ice cubes or a damp washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled garments. The wrinkles will be removed as the ice melts and changes to steam.

Use salt to clean bright colors.

Utilizing salt will prevent colors from fading. Simply add a teaspoon of salt to your dark clothing to make it last longer. Learning this trick goes a long way in ensuring how to keep your clothes looking new for longer.

Put your jeans in the freezer.

Put your jeans in the freezer if you want to wear them more than once between washings. The cold air kills microorganisms that cause odor.

Use a towel for quick drying time.

Here is a smart way on how to get your laundry done faster, place a fluffy towel in your tumble dryer before beginning the drying cycle. It can absorb extra water and speed up the drying process.

Use aluminum foil if you run out of dryer sheets.

If you run out of dryer sheets, a great alternative is to use aluminum foil. Just bundle it up and use it as a dryer sheet.

To treat grease stains, keep chalk in the kitchen.

Chalk is highly absorbent, you can rub chalk on oily cooking stains, and the chalk will absorb the staining grease or oil. After treating the stain with chalk, proceed with the washing as usual.

Use shaving cream as an on-the-go stain remover.

Shaving cream has active chemicals comparable to those found in many household soaps, and its frothy quality is ideal for removing stains, especially if you are in a hurry. Apply some cream to the stain, allow it to sit, and then blot it away.

Spray vodka onto clothing.

Vodka is a natural deodorizer. Keep a spray bottle of inexpensive vodka available and use it to deodorize your garments before washing them.

Use ice cubes to remove sticky stains.

If you find a persistent, sticky mess on your clothes, such as a piece of gum, try following this laundry life hack: Leave a couple of ice cubes on the mess for a few minutes, and then pull the gunk away easily once it has set.

Soak your shrunken sweaters in baby shampoo to un-shrink them.

Twenty minutes after filling a bucket with lukewarm water and two tablespoons of baby shampoo, soak your shrunken sweater. When the time is up, drain, flatten, and lay the sweater out to dry as flat as possible to restore its natural shape.

Use a salad spinner.

Use a salad spinner to remove extra water from items of clothes that you should not dry in a dryer. Then, hang them to dry on a rack.

Clean your washing machine.

You must frequently clean your washing machine. Set your washer to the highest load size and hottest water temperature every few months. Add one quart of white vinegar and one cup of baking soda to the washing machine and let it spin for one minute. Then, remove the cover or pause the cycle and allow the mixture to stand for one hour. After an hour, let the cycle finish and then run a second cycle on hot to eliminate any remaining residue. Use a toothbrush to remove debris from any surface, including the lid.


You can spruce up laundry day by utilizing these laundry hacks, techniques, and more. They will help you acquire clean clothes, bright whites, fresh smelling laundry, aid in organizing, and save you time. In addition, they are something new and fascinating to try. Consider all the tips and hacks mentioned above to enjoy laundry day from this day forward.

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