Water Damage Restoration Durango CO

Water Damage Restoration in Durango, Colorado

Restore the contents of your home by calling in water damage restoration specialists.

Water or flood damage is a devastating disaster to live through. When flooding occurs, there are many things at risk. One of which is your home’s contents — your clothes, furniture, carpets, draperies, etc. Water from flooding and burst pipes causes damage to these items, so it is essential that restoration specialists are called in for speedy and appropriate solutions.

At Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, we understand the urgency of dealing with water damage. When you call us for flood damage restoration in Durango, CO, expect that we will be at your doorstep the moment you need us.

, Water Damage Restoration Durango CO

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Here are some of the reasons why you need to immediately call for water or flood damage restoration services in Durango, CO:

Stop the Spread of Bacteria and Other Contaminants

Water or flood damage carries contaminated water that promotes the growth of bacteria and other contaminants, which are harmful not only to your belongings but also to your health. For that reason, it is essential that any item affected by flood damage is brought in for cleaning and restoration as soon as possible.

The longer your home's contents are exposed to bacteria and viruses, the higher the chances of you and your family getting infected with waterborne diseases.

Reduce Cost and Damage

The sooner you call for water damage restoration in Durango, CO, the less time your belongings are exposed to bacteria and germs carried by contaminated water. Doing this will also yield higher chances for your home's contents to be fully reinstated to their pre-damaged condition. Many water-damaged items are still salvageable, so you might not need to throw everything away just yet.

Why Choose Our Restoration Services

We understand the pain of seeing your belongings get damaged. Whether they have sentimental or practical value to you, know that you can rely on our water damage restoration services in Durango, CO. Here are some reasons for you to choose our services:

Proper and Immediate Response

Water-damaged items require special treatment. Cleaning them with water and soap is not enough. We at Kelly’s Dry Cleaners are experts when it comes to providing restoration services. When you choose us, it is guaranteed that all the salvageable items in your home will be appropriately handled during the restoration process. We value our clients’ belongings as much as they do, so expect that we will restore them to the best of our abilities once you seek help from us.

Top-Notch Restoration Services

Another reason for you to choose us is the quality of our water damage restoration services in Durango, CO. We perform expert and thorough assessments to check whether an item is still safe to use after the restoration process. Next, we perform mold and dirt removal to stop the spread of contaminants. Then, we wash or clean the items per their care instructions, sanitize and disinfect them, and remove remaining odors, which carry spores from mold.
, Water Damage Restoration Durango CO

Call the Best Restoration Specialists in Durango, CO

Dealing with water damage yourself is not safe. Call the experts for water damage restoration services in Durango, CO, Kelly’s Dry Cleaners.

Our restorations specialists are highly trained, and they act with urgency. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide beneficial outcomes from our restoration services. For any inquiries, contact us at 970-903-1642 or 505-564-3333.

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