7 Smart Smelly Closet Solutions to Drive Odor on Clothes Away

7 Smart Smelly Closet Solutions to Drive Odor on Clothes Away

Smell may be a mute sense, but it actually plays a big role in human emotions. We get attracted not only visually, but also in the way we perceive scents. Have you ever wondered why your clothes have a unique smell? There is something in that scent that feels so familiar and comforting.

It can go in the other direction, though, to something unpleasant, not what you want in an enclosed space. It is therefore very important to keep a fresh closet smell. We have rounded up some of the most effective and affordable smelly closet solutions in case you need them.

1. Coffee Grounds

Who doesn’t love the energizing smell of coffee in the morning? Aside from being a strong antioxidant, coffee grounds also have the ability to absorb foul odors, including the ones hanging in your closet. Simply store some coffee grounds in a jar with poked holes and leave it inside your closet for odor absorption.

Replace the coffee grounds once every month to maximize odor absorption. They are especially effective in removing musty smells.

2. Baking Soda

Just like coffee, baking soda is also a strong contender when it comes to odor absorption. Just store 3 spoonfuls of baking soda in a breathable jar and leave it in your closet.

Baking soda is also best in getting rid of mildew-like scents because of its moisture-absorbing property. Plus, you can also use it in removing stubborn stains.

3. Vinegar

Another popular deodorizing kitchen essential is vinegar. Commonly used during emergency situations where you suddenly spill tea on your shirt in the middle of a long day, vinegar is a strong solution that can remove stains and deodorize your clothes.

Just mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a bottle, spray it on the affected area, and you are good to go! As a bonus, its smell fades out in just a few minutes, too.

For cabinet use, simply spray the same solution on your clothes and on parts of your drawer.

You can also add a spoonful of vinegar in your fabric softener to eliminate the fabric odor completely.

4. Specialized Wooden Hangers

Between a wooden and a wire hanger, the former is always a better choice, since it is more durable and can provide support for heavy fabrics. Plus, specialized wooden hangers made from cedar can absorb moisture and odor, as well as repel insects.

You can also use other scented wooden hangers for special clothes and fabrics.

5. Activated Charcoal

Do want to know how to make your closet smell good and mold-free? Use activated charcoal! A few blocks of activated charcoal make for potent deodorizers and air purifiers. This handy household compound is a must for every closet. Just store it in a breathable container, and your closet will smell as good as new.

Activated charcoal is also reusable. In fact, you can use one block for as long as two years! Just place it under direct sunlight for a few hours once monthly to re-activate its deodorizing ability.

6. Soap

A soap bar can lend its scent to the environment, and you can take full advantage of this to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean. How? It’s easy! Cover the soap bar with a cloth or paper towel, and leave it on top of your garments.

The stronger the scent, the better, so choose a soap bar that has a strong, desirable scent for you. You can also use grated soap and put it in a breathable sachet.

7. Disinfectants and Air Fresheners

Odor is a strong indicator of the presence of bacteria and germs, making air fresheners and disinfectants a must-have household item. For optimal results, spray any of these solutions on parts of your closet every 3-4 days to keep the odor away.

You can also make your own DIY air freshener by mixing equal parts water and vinegar and adding 10 drops of essential oil.

Whether we like it or not, fresh clothing is a part of personal grooming, so it is always wise to take a closer look at our clothing storage.

Most importantly, you always need to use the right detergent when doing your laundry. However, if you are dealing with tough stains and odor with sensitive fabrics, it is best to visit a laundry shop that specializes in dry cleaning in Durango, CO.

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