Dry Clean Only Fabrics That Require Laundry Services

Dry Clean Only Fabrics That Require Laundry Services

Nowadays, clothes have become more than just a basic necessity as they have slowly turned into a fashion statement, more so a status symbol. Just take a look at all those “it” girls, and you would know what we mean.

But just like you, even the most well-known fashion icons also have a fair share of dirty little secrets hidden in their walk-in closet. A part of these are unwashed fabrics that have never been touched by water and detergent.

Now, if you are too worried about those sensitive fabrics, don’t be because we have got just the solution for you – dry cleaning clothes. To help you take better care of your clothes, below is a list of fabrics that are exclusively for dry clean only.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Contrary to what its name suggests, dry cleaning clothes is far from being a dry process. It also involves a liquid solvent, but unlike regular washing, it does not use detergent soaps and water.

As a specialized cleaning technique, dry cleaning was designed for fabric types that react very poorly with water and are prone to shrinking when hand washed.

So, how does dry cleaning work? The process involves the use of a dry-cleaning machine available at laundry shops. Here’s a quick overview of how the process goes:

1. Pre-Treatment Stage

For a complete stain removal process, the stains are first identified and pre-treated with a solution prior to the actual dry-cleaning phase.

2. Dry Cleaning Stage

Then, the fabric is processed in the machine, where it is soaked into a solvent.

3. Post-Spotting Stage

After the cleaning cycle, the fabric is inspected for any stubborn stains.

Dry Clean Fabrics

Thanks to the growing importance of clothing care, most brands fasten a cleaning label onto every garment they sell, making it easy for you to distinguish dry clean only clothes from items that can be hand washed.

As a guide, below are some of the fabrics that usually require dry cleaning:


It is no secret that cashmere is a very delicate material that can easily be damaged due to faulty washing techniques. Cashmere-made jackets and other clothing items should always be dry cleaned for extra protection.

Sequined or Embroidered Items

It takes more than hand washing to get rid of stains, especially if we are talking about sequined or patterned clothes. To save the beads or sequins from falling apart, always hand these kinds of items over to a laundry shop for dry cleaning.


Silk fabric is a soft, natural material that can easily bleed if proper washing techniques are not put into place. If you have a silk-made garment that’s precious to you, it’s best that you visit your laundry shop to have it dry-cleaned so you can protect its natural fibers. Otherwise, you can use soft detergent and cold water for regular washing.


Linen’s clean and crisp finishing makes it the perfect material for suits, shirts, and scarves. Plus, since it is made with flax fiber, linen does well in hot and humid environments. In terms of washing, it is always best to dry clean linen so you can maintain its natural finishing, but you can also wash it in cold water if dry cleaning is not available.


Commonly used for making jackets and other heavy clothing articles, wool is a durable material that can last for years with the help of proper cleaning techniques. Just a word of warning: wool is susceptible to shrinking, especially if you wash it using warm water, so it is always best to dry clean wool.


Soft and comfortable on the skin, rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric made up of cellulose fiber. Just like linen, this material is also a popular choice for making shirts and other similar garments. However, rayon is very sensitive to warm water, which can cause the fabric to shrink.

While many clothing items can survive without dry cleaning, it is always best to ask for help from a reliable laundry shop that offers dry cleaning in Durango, CO, especially if you are dealing with special clothing.

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