Use Dry Cleaning as a Convenient and Effective Mode of Stain Removal From Clothing

We all own a special wardrobe comprised of expensive and delicate clothing that we want to carefully preserve. In this case, dry cleaning is our way to go; it is a necessity as much as many would like to think it’s a luxury. Quality maintenance is key when it comes to obtaining the full value of our money and keeping our pricey outfits wear-able. Not to mention, proper cleaning helps keep high quality fabric resilient to degradation.

Appearing presentable by demonstrating perfect adherence to work ethics makes dry cleaning a major part of the equation. Professionally cleaned clothing is the determinant of elegance and a presentable conduct. Realistically, we cannot always purchase new clothes for our daily attendance at work or for occasional appearances at parties and gatherings. We should, therefore, think of our clothes and their proper maintenance as an investment. Pay upfront to sustain quality and derive benefits for over a long course of time.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning services involve using specific methods to remove dirt, stains and debris that tend to sink deep into the fibers of our clothing. It is the process in which water is substituted by solvents such as tetrachloroethylene, perchloroethylene, and trichloroethane. These solvents help remove elements that may not easily be taken out by a regular wash. Once the textile is exposed to them for a due period, the solvents are removed via steaming, allowing the textile to dry.

Why Is Dry Cleaning Necessary?

The main objective of dry cleaners is to protect the fibers of the clothing by carefully administering cleaning compounds. Dry cleaning typically serves as a solution against exposing heat and water to fabrics; it also ensures a thorough removal of stains such as grease or oil, for which water based detergents may not be an effective source.

Heat, water and machine/dryer handling can destroy delicate fabrics in many ways. For one, the structure and setting of a certain apparel may not stay intact after being machine-washed. Fabric elasticity is also sensitive to water and high temperature washing and drying. This can cause the garment to shrink or expand permanently. In addition, stains are not easy to dissolve using the traditional method of cleaning. Detergents are likely to cause color damage, in fact when it comes to home-based cleaning, stains are mostly removed at the expense of fabric vibrancy. As such, our best option is to retain the fabric quality by opting for methods that are less harsh to delicate fibers and ensure they appear as good as new.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

It is important to pay attention to the labels attached to our garments, as they dictate which cleaning process is better suited to the fabric. Many of us are unable to tell which garments should be left at the dry cleaners; using this criterion can helpfully help us figure this out. Usually, silk, chiffon, or fabrics embellished with sequins and beads require gentle and appropriate cleaning. Delicate fabrics differ from other fabrics based on their lightweightedness and pliability. These properties make them vulnerable to wear and tear easily. Rough cleaning further adds to their fragility, causing premature damage.

Attention to detail

There are many aspects to dry cleaning; besides washing with care, the handling aspect ensures the garment is ironed, folded and stored safely. Depending on the featured services, dry cleaners can prepare your garments by steam ironing them and placing them straight in garment bags. This makes sure we don’t have to do anything once we pick them up and take them home.


Time is a virtue in the busy world that we live in today. Being able to manage all our tasks in a timely fashion is rare; and frankly, not always possible. Having a good quality laundry facility can be super convenient for us. Getting to pick out a nicely folded and ironed shirt in the morning saves us time and energy. To top it off, many of our shirts are better worn when starched. Starching shirts while ironing isn’t always easy and can take a little bit of skill. With dry cleaning available, we can have all this done for us and ultimately have one less thing to worry about.

Stain and Dirt Removal

Stains and dirt tend to penetrate deep into the fabric, where they can easily evade cleaning compounds like traditional detergents. Even though some remedies can help reduce the appearance of the stain, they’re not as efficient as that of professional cleaning. Not to mention, they’re also likely to damage the fabric quality in the process. The wise idea is to entrust your items to expert dry cleaners who effectively remove mud stains.

Large-item Management

Clothes aren’t the only items that require attention when it comes to cleaning. Carpets, curtains and drapes are equally vulnerable to dirt, mud and dust. Yet due to their large size and dimensions, they’re often neglected and left back burnered. This can reflect poorly on our standard of home maintenance. Utilizing dry cleaning services for various items keeps us from falling behind on completing many tasks and chores, which in turn keeps us mentally satisfied.

At Kelly’s Dry Cleaners, we dedicate ourselves to restoring the vibrancy of your clothing to new conditions. We service our clients to their utmost expectations. The sight of well pressed, neatly folded clothes with a fresh aromatic breeze is aesthetically pleasing and highly satisfying. We carefully get rid of dirt stains and odors. We employ techniques that effectively remove dirt stains, ingrained soil, bacteria and various other elements that are unsuspectingly collected from the environment. Those who still haven’t tried the magic of dry cleaning in Durango should book an appointment with us as soon as possible!